Political discourse demands fact-based honesty

Breaking News: Fox admits to lying about campaign fraud. Fox News received a 20-page demand letter from Smartmatic, a voting technology company out of Florida, threatening a lawsuit if Fox doesn’t stop its ongoing baseless assault, saying its company is tied to Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and George Soros, and allowed votes to be rigged against Trump.

Rather than stand behind its hosts, Fox agreed to run an admission of guilt on shows anchored by Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Piro and Maria Bartiromo.

Fox has a sordid history of admitting to disinformation. Fox recently paid a settlement to the parents of democratic aid Seth Rich over Sean Hannity’s disgraceful insistence that he was murdered by Democratic operatives for leaking Hillary’s emails.

Tucker Carlson, who is constantly under attack for his racist and anti-immigration views and his unwarranted attacks on women recently beat a defamation lawsuit by convincing a federal judge that his rants are hyperbole, not based on facts, and no reasonable person believes him. Carlson’s latest tirade, encouraging listeners to stay clear of COVID vaccinations is an unconscionable disgrace that will cost lives. He should be held accountable.

The influence of Fox misinformation is powerful and widespread. It helped encourage 70 million people to push their values aside and vote for Donald Trump, the most prolific liar on the planet and who’s presidency has been nothing short of an assault on democracy.

Trump is now in total meltdown, talking martial law and an election redo. Andy Caldwell ran an unsuccessful congressional campaign based on Fox’s absurd anti-socialist propaganda. Former County Supervisor Mike Stoker joined Trump’s legal team in an attempt to overthrow the election, leaving little doubt to his main news source. Frequent editorial page contributors offer bold arguments on Fox’s unsupported conspiracy theories.

We deserve fact-based honesty and integrity in our political discourse. Donald Trump and Fox News fail to meet that standard and our democracy is suffering as a result.

Ken Forman

Santa Maria

Fighting for the rights of indigenous land

As a leader for the Latino Outdoors, I have made a pledge to fight for the rights of indigenous land. Indigenous people have systematically been denied the right to control their own land. The places we take for granted as our recreational playground were stolen. As we try to preserve them for future generations we must recognize these tribes and fight to give them back control of their land.

Through centuries of violent colonization, broken treaties, destruction of indigenous environments, we must stand together for our ancestors and fight until reparations are paid. As the fight to preserve our environment gets more urgent it’s more important than ever to look towards indigenous societies for guidance. They are true pioneers in preserving their homeland for future generations. Climate change is the challenge of our lifetime and I’m proud to represent an organization that continues to fight for social and environmental justice.

Maritza Oropeza

Latino Outdoors


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