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Letters to the Editor: Play Hopscotch; Don't be Typhoid Mary

Letters to the Editor: Play Hopscotch; Don't be Typhoid Mary

Why not play Hopscotch?

One of the longest legacies of this pandemic will be that children are deprived of opportunities to be outside and playing.

Research has proven that gross motor skills, such as throwing, catching, kicking, and riding a bike or scooter, are directly related to children’s cognitive development. Their bodies and brains need each other to develop to the best of their abilities. If kids aren’t in their bodies, it’s not triggering critical neural development. It all connects to the learning process.

Everyone: grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, teachers, all share responsibility to get kids playing safely in parks, on the hiking trails, kicking the soccer ball, or riding their bikes. Indoors it is as simple as playing Hopscotch or yoga.

Paul Orfalea

Santa Barbara

Don’t be a Typhoid Mary

Just remembering stories about Typhoid Mary. She was a person providing home services for several families during the typhoid epidemic, here in the US. It did really happen and it was between 1907 and 1915. 63 people died and countless other people were sick. It is hard to tell who else got sick and / or died because of Typhoid Mary’s initial spreading of the disease.

She was a carrier of the disease. It is very comparable to today’s COVID-19 cases where people are asymptomatic. What made her an exceptional spreader of the disease was not knowing simple things to do to prevent spreading the disease. She spread the disease while handling food and changing jobs (working for one family household then another). Toward the end, when she knew people were looking for her, she also evaded capture and kept on serving family households. What does it have to do with today?

Simple things can be done to prevent spreading COVID-19. What makes it important for all of us is that there are many more situations where people breathe in the same air as other people and touch things others have touched.

Please follow all of the recommendations for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We should all show personal responsibility and do what we can to avoid being a big spreader of COVID-19. Don’t be a Typhoid Mary.

Wayne Botz

Santa Maria

Tired of threats

In an article published last week, our Governor threatened to withhold funds from local governments that fail to comply with state mandates with regards to the coronavirus. Yet when President Trump threatened our state and many other cities in our country that he would withhold funds if they continued their sanctuary policies, Newsom was one of the first to scream foul and threatened to sue the Trump administration for being unconstitutional. Now Newsom does the same thing to local governments. Maybe those cities and counties should return the favor and sue the Newsom administration for being unconstitutional. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

I for one, am tired of of our Governor, State Senate, Assembly, and AG Xavier Becerra believing that CA knows best, and leads the way with rules, regulations, and policies for the rest of the country to follow. I think most of the politicians in CA believe their a legend in their own mind. If all the other states followed the lead of CA, there wouldn't be any states for our residents to move to since our state is being quickly destroyed by these power hungry politicians. Californians can't bail out of this state quick enough as a result of our failing leaders.

If you can't convince us through reasonable and logical communication, don't resort to threats. People are tired of threats.

David Dickinson

Santa Maria


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