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Letters to the Editor: Planned Parenthood needs to look deeper

Letters to the Editor: Planned Parenthood needs to look deeper

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Planned Parenthood needs to look deeper

This letter is in response to Planned Parenthood CC CEO Jenna Tosh's guest opinion piece. At first glance it seems noble of Tosh to acknowledge that Planned Parenthood was founded on racist and ableist ideals.

However, after visiting Tosh's Planned Parenthood last year I left with the impression that they were quite hostile to people with medical conditions, people from low-income backgrounds, and people who were previously pro-life.

I can state that with conviction. Planned Parenthood does have a systemic racism, ableism, and elitism problem. In less than one year Planned Parenthood of New York and Arizona were exposed for systemic discrimination against African Americans and undocumented Latinos. Prior to that, major publications exposed abusive tactics toward pregnant employees and other vulnerable groups.

Don't be fooled, I am not pro-life. I support authentic abortion practices within the context of social justice. I have provided abortion in the past, and would provide them again in the future. This is about de-corporatizing abortions, empowering women of color and people with disabilities to do abortions, and removing systemic racism from abortion care.

People can talk all they want, but actions really do speak louder than words. Planned Parenthood has used words for too long to cover up its history of past and present racism and ableism. The words of highly privileged Planned Parenthood corporate leaders mean absolutely nothing when their actions are to the contrary.

Tosh stated in her piece that this is a time for Planned Parenthood to do some inner reflection. Yes, not just Planned Parenthoold as a national organization, but within your own administration as well.

Aaron Maloy




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