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Letters to the Editor: People wearing masks have rights too; Use intellect, not instinct; Be proud of your actions

Letters to the Editor: People wearing masks have rights too; Use intellect, not instinct; Be proud of your actions

People wearing masks have rights too

A recent contributor to the op-ed page bitterly railed against the wearing of masks, claiming that they cause serious dangers to health, some even life threatening.

I have no knowledge or evidence to refute the writer's beliefs, but I have yet to hear or read about anyone dying or being hospitalized because of wearing a mask.

The same day of the letter, a commentary appeared in another newspaper citing Japan's success fighting the coronavirus. Less than 1,000 people have died, the fewest among the group of seven most developed nations. Experts are stumped. Various reasons have been given for the success, but significant among them are a grassroots response to rising infections, multiple health centers with more than 50,000 nurses experienced in infection tracing, a low obesity rate and a culture of mask-wearing.

The main reason for wearing masks is for protection from those others who choose not to wear them. The contributor and those who agree with him have a right to their beliefs and their decisions not to wear masks, but we who choose to wear them have rights as well: mainly to protect ourselves from those who evidently selfishly care only about themselves. It seems like a small price to pay and certainly more in keeping with our leanings toward basic Christian beliefs of love, kindness and humility. Remember the Golden Rule?

Bob Murtha

Santa Maria

Use intellect, not instinct

Regarding the catastrophe of this pandemic, the anger, insecurity and fear of the unknown is bringing out the baser behavior in man. The difficulties of no income generates a fight or flight response in us which can help us survive. Conversely, a misfire could cause us to respond to the perception of threat inappropriately in violence and in reckless behaviors. Witness the gun-toting mob protests and refusals to mask and maintain social distance.

The pressures to resume business could open the floodgates of illness at a time when quarantine has almost tamed this wild beast of a disease. Who will be well enough to go to work to generate commerce if we drop our current management strategies?

We have to accept that our way of life, commerce and social interaction is forever changed. We need a clear eye to view what needs to be done as we cautiously proceed in jumpstarting commerce so we can grow out of this dilemma and not plunge the world back into the Dark Ages. We have the intellect to proceed. We need to engage that intellect and not succumb to mere instinct.

Colleen Campbell Murr

Santa Maria

Be proud of your actions

Did rioters actually want to destroy rather than possibly help the family of the man who died while being kneeled on by a police officer?

Anyone in their right mind doesn't go along with the rioters. They should have more sense than that.

Does rioting and destroying property and hurting people help the family of the man who died in police custody?

How about support for the family. At this time the parents and family members are hurting more than some can imagine, not only moneywise.

Some could help with yard work, spend money and go shop for some groceries.

Rioters don't stop and think. So how are they proud of their actions, the damage they caused? Was that a proud moment in their lives?

Older or younger, hope you do so much better in your lives. Can you be proud of actions you do? That's what counts.

Gwyneth DeBiase



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