Letters to the Editor: Paper hoarders should be ashamed; Media two-by-four working

Letters to the Editor: Paper hoarders should be ashamed; Media two-by-four working


Paper hoarders should be ashamed

I am sick with disrespect for the citizenry of Santa Maria, who, for no good reason have cleared all market shelves of paper towels and paper products. The markets love it, profits soar.

It should be noted that paper transmits disease readily, so paper towels will not prevent the spread of the "coronavirus."

Why such greed, may I ask, depriving some shoppers the opportunity to buy paper towels at will. The citizens perpetrating this hoarding should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

David W. K. Godrich

Santa Maria

Media two-by-four working

What is clear with the advent of COVID-19 is that locals were not prepared for an emergency such as earthquake. They have gone a little shopping crazy. A right-leaning columnist is downplaying the danger of the virus.

When Andy Caldwell stated that we survived the Hong Kong flu, the Avian flu and the Swine flu he was being perfidious. As many as 575,000 did not survive the Swine flu worldwide. It is estimated that up to 4 million lost their lives to the Hong Kong flu. The H1N1 flu resulted in 12,469 deaths in the U.S. H1N1 had a mortality rate of .02%. The COVID-19 mortality rate is near 2%. If as many U.S. citizens are affected by COVID-19 as H1N1, the death rate would be over 1.1 million people in the U.S. alone.

Andy also stated that we survived Ebola. That is due to the quick and decisive action of our former president. That type of action is missing with our current presidential administration. We need to take COVID-19 seriously. Sometimes, as someone who was involved in epidemiology with the California Department of Health Services can tell you, you have to hit the general populace between the eyes with a media two-by-four to get them to pay attention. Seems like it worked.

Rick Tibben




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