Outlaw, sale, use of incendiary devices

Santa Maria needs a good City Council and it is time to vote the old thoughts, old ways out. 

The noise from the uncontrolled distribution and sales of fireworks is an ongoing public nuisance starting in late afternoon and going throughout the night. The Council of Santa Maria in defying the norms and culture of Santa Barbara County and most of the more desirable areas of California has denied me the right to the health and safety of my home.

The residents of Santa Maria do not know if the explosions are gunshots or fireworks. Aside from the emotional and mental injuries inflicted upon us taxpayers, the policy is expecting our police department to make up for the stupidity of the Council.

A major drought and horrific fire danger and the Council is sending irresponsible buyers of fireworks out into our town and placing an undue burden upon our Fire Department.

More unforgiveable is that these sales do not benefit all of the children of our town, they benefit a selective, favored, few youth organization even from outside the city limits. This favoritism in regards to our youth groups, heaped upon the disrespect for the elderly and infant citizens to benefit a few politicians is a moral outrage.

The City Council obviously does not care for the veterans of our wars in Santa Maria, many of them serving as police, firefighters, deputies, and wardens. The do not respect the owners of the many, many, small dogs living, spending money, generating sales tax dollars at Petco, PetSmart, and other retail outlets.

This is ignorance and malfeasance. We must adhere to normal customs of the state and outlaw the sale and use of incendiary devices.

Pat Lala

Santa Maria

Solving racial disperities in justice system

The news item on June 17 regarding racial disparities in the criminal justice system raises a question in my mind.

How will those in the justice system “solve” the racial disparities? Will law enforcement officers be instructed to avoid arresting certain minorities, while arresting White people for the same crimes/infractions, if the percentage of minorities is already at its proportional limit?

Will judges be given a “quota” so that the percentages of those incarcerated, or on probation, are tied to the percentage of Whites, Blacks and Hispanics in the county?

I can understand the goal of trying to identify potential offenders at a young age and working with them to improve their lives, but if someone commits an armed robbery, or murder, will the “system” ignore the crime if that person’s racial “quota” is already filled for the year? The concept sounds ripe for increasing racial discrimination.

Jim Vint

Santa Maria

Illegal fireworks code a joke

Supposedly Santa Maria has a code that prohibits illegal fireworks. This code is meaningless because fireworks are exploding all over the city and law abiding residents are told to fill out a form naming the persons, locations, time of day or night and forward the information to code enforcement office/city attorney.

Really? This is a solution?

Drive around in the middle of the night, take pictures, get names, and addresses ... This puts the burden on people like me, my friends, and neighbors, and that's not our job.

Face it! There is no meaningful enforcement regarding illegal fireworks and people who break the law do so with impunity. It's a joke. Might as well form a posse and round up the bad guys, but that's supposed to be done by law enforcement. The jerks who continue to go bang bang in the night must be laughing. Meanwhile thousands of us suffer from the constant bombardment, and animals are severely stressed.

Bonnie Ryan

Santa Maria


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