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Letters to the Editor: On wine tax, enough is enough; Trump needs to grow up; Looking for list of accomplishments

Letters to the Editor: On wine tax, enough is enough; Trump needs to grow up; Looking for list of accomplishments

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On wine tax, enough is enough

I agree wholeheartedly with Stephen Pepe's guest commentary opposing the onerous wine tax proposed by the Vintners Association. One of America’s wealthiest vintners owns 25 wineries, multiple hotels and his own sports team (as way of comparison I own a few bottles of wine). 

What’s to stop the Vintners Group in its zeal to promote Santa Barbara County wines from "inadvertently" promoting wines that have links to wealthy wineries outside the county? You realize this little wine tax thing might get some of the moms and pops a few more customers, but wealthy vintners can ride the coattails to turn their billion dollar empires into gadzillion dollar empires, the vast majority of which is wine that will never be subject to the additional tax.

Meanwhile I’m supposed to contribute a 1% tax on my purchases to “help” wealthy vintners get even wealthier? I think we’ve found another example of “enough is enough” in this county. I don't begrudge someone the right to make all the money they want, so long as they make it in a legal and ethical way.

Taxes are supposed to benefit those paying the tax. This is just a disguised tax so I can pay billionaires' marketing costs. Please, Santa Barbara County supervisors, "just say no" to this tax. And, if Sam and John Adams WERE here, they'd tell us to dress up and start dumping wine bottles into the Pacific Ocean.

Tom Orem


Trump needs to grow up

President Donald Trump needs to grow up and stop embarrassing reasonable Americans by acting like a pathological immature narcissist fool to the world.

Acting macho and making fun of others, such as those wearing masks and calling others names, is childishness which mature adults ignore. But his party feels compelled to follow this trumpery suit with approval, joining the mockery, and showing their own bully childish and selfish behavior. Where’s the so-called Christian values in this, especially from our locals?

Resisting, even defying, our scientific COVID-19 medical advice and guidelines, just shows ignorance and childish defiance with lack of respect and care for our neighbors’ health. This is not our American way. We know that we should have been taught these values by our parents or other adults. Has America socially regressed this badly under Trump?

Being selfish and ignoring basic health requests will continue to prolong COVID-19 and its effects with more needless deaths and lasting conditions, longer economic suffering for most Americans, and continued health threats to our teachers, staff, and students as well as small businesses. Do we want more of this? Really? Are Trump and his overgrown kids unable, or too stubborn, to change, or must we wait for Biden?

Don Jones

Santa Maria

Looking for list of accomplishments

Over the past two weeks, I have read letters by pro Trumpers complaining about the mainstream media. They complain that liberals are spreading misinformation and lies. They blame the media bias and liberals for everything wrong with this Trump administration.

Liberal opinions “peddle feelings and emotions not unbiased facts and information”. News outlets like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, and NBC cannot be trusted “to get accurate information”. Only Fox news gives “the unvarnished and unopionated truth”. Really?

Many of the hosts and guests on CNN and MSNBC are conservative Republicans. ABC, NBC, and CBS are always talking with Republicans and pro Trumpers. It is not mainstream news or liberals that put words in Trump's mouth, in fact all they do is print his tweets and replay his interviews. Trump’s failures speak for themselves.

Instead of continually sending in letters that are diatribes complaining about liberals and the media, how about a pro Trumper send in a letter outlining “all the good things he has done”. I am tired of reading pro Trumpers blame and accuse the mainstream media, Democrats, liberals, and progressives for the problems Trump and his administration created on their own. I am looking forward to see the list of Trump's accomplishments. I believe it will a short one.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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