Oil plans for Cat Canyon a windfall

Despite potential budget deficits projected for the next five years, the Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors declined to put a sales tax increase on the ballot. So where will the money come from to fund county services?

The county has an opportunity to generate millions in new revenues from proposed increases in drilling in the existing Cat Canyon oil field. In addition to tax dollars badly needed to balance the county’s budget, these projects would create jobs and boost sales at local businesses. In view of the current fiscal situation, the timing couldn’t be better.

Let’s not ignore the potential windfall right under our feet.

Scott Vales

Santa Maria

Leave Oso Flaco alone

Some people cannot let sleeping dogs lie. I have enjoyed the peace and quiet of Oso Flaco Lake for decades. For anyone who can make the decision, please leave it as it is. I have taken kids there to show them the flora and fauna to their delight. Don't ruin it for all of us who are finding fewer places for respite in this area.

Rick Tibben


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