Letters to the Editor: Oceano Beach, Sand City should remain closed; Caldwell should 'leave well enough alone'

Letters to the Editor: Oceano Beach, Sand City should remain closed; Caldwell should 'leave well enough alone'


Oceano Beach, Sand City should remain closed

In 2001, the California Coastal Commission amended the original coastal permit allowing State Parks to use Pier Avenue and Oceano Beach as entrance and staging areas to Oceano Dune State Vehicular Recreation Area.

It states that "... Should the terms and conditions of the coastal development permit not be sufficient to regulate the use in a manner consistent with the protection of resources, public health and safety and community values, then under the county's police powers, the imposition of an interim moratorium on ORV use may be necessary to protect resources and public health.”

Our public health and safety need protection now. State Parks disburses 1,000 daily permits for the Dune's campground, affectionately called Sand City. Thousands of people camp anywhere they want for there are not defined camping spaces.

The camping area has shrunk because of the last mitigation measure when 48 acres of it have been fenced off for revegetation. Sand City is very crowded. Users will not be able to maintain social distance. And of course, they will bring us the virus from the big towns of the Valley which have been more affected than our county.

Cal Poly will remain closed for the rest of the year. Why should Sand City remain open? Our county should use its police powers to keep Sand City closed and, to reduce the number of beach goers to safe limits, to keep Oceano Beach closed to vehicles.

Lucia Casalinuovo


Caldwell should 'leave well enough alone'

Mr. Caldwell states in a recent commentary that "We succeeded in satisfying Gov. Newsom's original directive that included criteria to flatten the curve, create surge capacity in our hospitals, and gather enough personal protective equipment for care providers. Though the virus is still among us, the emergency is over" because "We have ample capacity to handle this situation."

He finally laments, "the governor should leave 'well enough' alone and at home, let the rest of us get back to the marketplace and work."

Mr. Caldwell would have us all believe it is safe to go back to the way life was before the pandemic and "wrest back local control." As a candidate for Congress is he not aware of infectious disease experts like Dr. Fauci and Dr. Byrx that fear relaxing restrictions will lead to coronavirus infections spiking out of control, which will certainly create more deaths?

Mr. Caldwell laments "The governor has no intention to restore our freedoms and local control. Rather, he is stalling until either a vaccine or cure is developed ... even though either of these products may never be created."

So Mr. Caldwell, how can we restore our freedom and local control without getting infected and maybe dying? I would like to see your plan for dealing with the highly contagious coronavirus that keeps us safe from infection and possibly death.

As of right now, who in Santa Maria is ready to sit in a crowded restaurant, movie or bar? Who is ready to send their children to school with class sizes of 30-plus? How many teachers are ready to be in close contact with hundreds of students per day? What businesses are safe to open? How many people must become infected and die before we begin taking this pandemic seriously again? Why do you accuse county supervisors of being "puppy dogs" when they "ask the governor for money as it related to costs and losses from the virus and the shutdown?

It sounds like the county supervisors are asking the right questions and you, Mr. Caldwell, should leave "well enough" alone and let the rest of us continue to stay home, physical distance, wear a mask in public, and care about the health, safety and well-being of every one of our neighbors regardless of their socio-economic status, culture, or "pre-existing comorbities."

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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