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Letters to the Editor: No support for kneeling during anthem; A vote for Jordan Cunningham; Old Orcutt and marijuana not a good mix; Hygiene matters, wear a mask

Letters to the Editor: No support for kneeling during anthem; A vote for Jordan Cunningham; Old Orcutt and marijuana not a good mix; Hygiene matters, wear a mask

No support for kneeling during anthem

I watched the opening of the Dodger/Giant baseball season with disgust upon seeing the kneeling at the playing of the national anthem.

I am in my 70s and was raised to respect the anthem and our flag. Many people have died to provide us the right to kneel, however most of my generation are better than that and are appalled at this action of spoiled millionaire athletes that think they can disrespect our flag and national anthem. I will no longer watch any sporting events that condone this action.

Jerry Simas

Santa Maria

A vote for Jordan Cunningham

The choice is clear in November, vote for the one who is fighting the Employment Development Department (EDD).

The pandemic-caused recession and record-high unemployment is devastating to many of our neighbors. Jordan Cunningham has been, and continues to fight to get his constituents, our neighbors, benefits during the pandemic. His opponent is pushing and voting to increase taxes while families are struggling to pay their bills.

Jordan has been, and will continue to fight to keep every dollar in our district while his opponent will tax every dollar possible from her own residents, still our neighbors.

The choice is clear in November; vote for Jordan Cunningham for California State Assembly.

Edward Veek


Old Orcutt and marijuana not a good mix

After reading your article about a marijuana dispensary locating in Old Town Orcutt, it becomes clear to me and others who attended the meeting that it's all about money, namely taxes that the county wants.

Money that the county wants to make up for the other industries that have been regulated and stifled. The county has budget shortfalls, and I agree a location like Highway 101 and Clark Avenue would be better suited than the family environment of Old Town.

In my opinion the county should listen to the voices of those who live there, as it is not well received. It would be refreshing to see local voices prevail over money and the empty promises made. The town is already a success. To me it's just another case of "do as I say, not as I do". Does every city in the county actually need this or want this? Or is it just another reason for the county to continue to tax and spend unwisely?

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Hygiene matters, wear a mask

Since mid-February I have been monitoring the raging debate regarding whether or not to wear a mask in public during a world-wide pandemic featuring a coronavirus that is highly contagious, has no bonafide cure, and no vaccines available for the foreseeable future.

On one side of the debate are the people that will wear masks despite the discomfort because they believe the evolving science-driven data from this novel virus that concludes "wearing masks saves lives."

On the other side of the debate are the "ragers". They believe that in their America, it is their first amendment right to not wear a mask and no government official can take away that right. They argue that the cure cannot infringe upon their Constitutional right to free speech.

You see them in stores, restaurants, public transportation, in the news, on the internet, usually whining and screaming about how uncomfortable, inconvenient and life threatening it is and that this requirement of mask-wearing cannot happen in their America.

I think there needs to be another angle on the mask debate. Instead of being against wearing masks, let's all be against breathing in each others' exhaled bad breath. Who wants to smell the coffee and cigarette breath of the person in line next to you? Also, no one wants to smell the chili cheese dogs with extra onions you ate for lunch 15 minutes ago.

I believe that people that complain about wearing masks don't realize their discomfort stems from breathing in their own foul breath. There is much talk of hand washing, let us not forget our mouth hygiene.

Just one more reason to wear a mask, and that all hygiene matters.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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