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Letters to the Editor: Need for Orcutt development questioned; Need leaders who lead; A vote for Biden a vote for 'President' Harris

Letters to the Editor: Need for Orcutt development questioned; Need leaders who lead; A vote for Biden a vote for 'President' Harris

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Need for Orcutt development questioned

Reading the article about the planned development south of Clarke Avenue in Orcutt and south of the Sunny Hills mobile home park, my question is why? Granted, there needs to be more affordable housing in the county, but at what cost? With all the wildfires occurring in the state, in my opinion, property loss because of fires is increasing. Why put homes in danger from fires just to develop it, just because you can? It looks like the open space is ripe for a fire affecting both the homes built and the mobile home park. A road will have to be built to the homes from Clark Avenue and an exit for the mobile home park.

With Hwy. 101 so close to the road, it's just begging for a fire. A wall blocking Hwy. 101 would help as stated. Aside from the homeless, another question is aesthetics.

The simulated view of Solomon Peak with houses in the foreground, the open space that will be lost, and the increased traffic beg the question of why? Will that open space and land be open to everybody? It's taken about 20 years for an extension to the Elks/Unocal Center as planned from Union Valley Parkway. Who's going to pay for that road to the homes? More and more of the beauty of Santa Barbara County is being lost to development.

I guess money is no object, and these won't be affordable homes. Ask yourself, would you like to live in one of these ticky tacky homes? Isn't there any land that's an infill in the county that can be developed? Looks like another piece of land that some owner is itching to develop without considering the consequences.

4th District commissioner Ferini, look at this and listen to the people who are affected by this, please.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Need leaders who lead

In 2016 Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million and won the electoral college with 304, Clinton conceded and the transition began. In 2020 Biden is winning the popular vote by 5 million and on track to win with 306 in the electoral college, yet some are in denial. Just imagine what could be accomplished if our leaders would lead.

Janet George

Pismo Beach

Vote for Biden a vote for 'President' Harris

A Democrat’s vote for Biden was a backdoor vote for “President” Kamala Harris, who will become the first African American female president when Biden is declared unfit to continue as president. When polls prior to the election showed more than half of Americans thought Biden is in the first stages of dementia I must think either voters are stupid, or they are really voting for Harris.

The Democrats have become a socialist party. They promote the slaughter of babies in the mother’s womb. They will try to take away our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. They have already talked of penalizing churches that do not follow their agenda. They will destroy our nation's Christian and family values by denying our heritage, defaming our heroes such as Jefferson and Lincoln, and continue to desecrate our public statues and monuments, symbols of America. They want to continue to promote deadly unrest plaguing American cities.

When asked about this unrest Kamala Harris smiled and said, “a beautiful sight,” and said “they’re not gonna stop or let up. And they should not.” Is this who you want running our country? Biden, but more so Harris, will welcome terrorists with open borders, bow down to China, and flood our country with even more illegal aliens. And what about defunding the police? Next time you need a police response, and they aren’t there who will you blame? Look in the mirror if you voted for these two. Just watch and see how they will destroy this country and the rights of American citizens. God help America! But that is not going to happen. America turned its back on God years ago and he has returned the favor.

Samantha Romero

Santa Maria


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