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Letters to the Editor: Moratorium on ODSVRA’s operations; Biden embodies American values

Letters to the Editor: Moratorium on ODSVRA’s operations; Biden embodies American values

Moratorium on ODSVRA’s operations

California Coastal Commission (CCC) and State Parks OHV (SP) were supposed to review the final draft of the Public Works Plan (PWP) for Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area (ODSVRA) on October 15, 2020.

Unsurprisingly, the PWP is not ready and the meeting has been canceled. The PWP has been an excuse for Parks to gain time and keep running the ODSVRA as always. There is only one reasonable, equitable way to proceed: let SP delay as long as it wants while ODSVRA remains closed until SP presents a new management plan in compliance with CCC’s requirements.

The CCC would never have tolerated any other business’ defiance of the law as it has tolerated State Parks’. In a similar situation, CCC would have imposed a moratorium until compliance had been achieved. CCC staff's intended recommendations for the October hearing were to phase out OHV use over the next 5 years, close Pier Avenue to beach vehicle access, and forbid driving south of Pier Avenue.

This proposal would meet CCC’s requirements and solve air quality and environmental justice issues. An immediate moratorium on ODSVRA operations would certainly prompt SP to work more actively on complying with CCC’s requirements.

Climate change is causing wildfires, heat waves, sea level rise, and bad air quality. The activities at the ODSVRA produce carbon dioxide emissions and destroy the beach and fordunes exposing Oceano to inundation. Phasing out OHV use is a step towards alleviating climate change. We request a moratorium on ODSVRA’s activities.

Lucia Casalinuovo,

Oceano Beach Community Association

Biden embodies American values

American families, relatives, friends and fellow workers of 200,000 killed, soon to double, and 7.2 million injured, many seriously or permanently, unnecessarily, in the COVID war, have a right to personally be very sad and angry at purposeful bad leadership by Trump.

Trump lied, per Woodward tapes and more, and his narcissism was shown by ignoring early intelligence warnings, his slow reaction, with excuses, and failure to provide sufficient supplies and testing, even now!

Also, millions who have lost their jobs, homes, and have kids out of school is not necessary. They have a right to be very angry!

Then, put all of this on top of Trump’s four years of hateful divide, lies/spins and attacks on our people, institutions, values and democracy in taking America down. However, even at this, rather than spew the hate on POTUS, as he's driven Americans, especially the GOP, onto each other, we must pray and vote Trumpists out with Trump to return America to decency/civility/unity as are our traditional American values. Joe Biden has decades of showing that he has this type of leadership.

Don Jones,

Santa Maria


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