Miss unity, pride following 9/11

I don’t care what people think … I miss the America following 9/11.

I am a proud American. I support our military 1,000 %, our police 1,000 %, and every first responder 1,000 %. Not everyone is perfect. There are some bad people in our country … both with badges and without. But who do you call when you need medical help or are in danger? You dial 911, and the first responders come, no matter what.

Dispatch never asks “what race are you?!” They simply ask you what the emergency is and your location. Help always comes, whether it is a simple peace officer or an active shooter.

I wish our country was as proud and united as we were the first year following 9/11, instead of in pieces the way we are now. I’ve seen disgusting images of Americans pissing on our flag, tearing down statues that remind us of how far we have come, spitting on law enforcement, shooting each other, and knit-picking at every little flaw our country has. It makes me sick.

Something has got to give because the more we tear ourselves apart the more vulnerable we make ourselves for future terrorist attacks.

Think about that before your next protest.

April L. Yglesias

Santa Maria

Protect pre-born human life

A response to the pro-choice folks up in arms about the Texas Heartbeat Bill.

Why do pro-choicers always fall back on the rare and horrifying cases of rape and incest to justify abortion in all cases? If their argument is so strong, why use this cheap, emotional tactic?

Over 98% of pregnant women in the U.S. chose to have sex. Sex leads to babies, and no form of birth control is foolproof. Almost every abortion in the U.S. is for birth control, demonstrating that our society hates children. Society has divorced sex from procreation, and if an unwanted baby is conceived ... abort it.

Contrast that attitude with a line from Psalm 127 - Children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.

Why do pro-choicers rail against Bible-thumping fundamentalists imposing their religious views on others. Everyone has moral convictions, and every law is a moral statement. Is it just Christians who shouldn't vote their conscience? Am I supposed to vote contrary to my faith?

Do you know how much my family, church and American Christians do for pregnant women in crisis, for kids up for adoption or in foster care? The pundits lie when they say we're only pro-birth and don't care about baby or mom after birth.

Some say, "Nobody thinks abortion is a good thing." Not true. Does anyone remember Michelle Wolf's vulgar pro-abortion comedy routine or the "Shout Your Abortion" movement? These people love abortion as the ultimate sign of female empowerment. Anyone can kill, but only a woman can carry, bear, and nourish a new human from her own body. Bearing new life is the ultimate sign of female power.

Pro-choicers used to say "safe, legal, and rare". Why "rare" unless there's something morally repugnant about abortion? The activists suppress the truth about abortion to keep people from thinking rightly that it is the willful murder of an innocent human. If you’ve ever seen a 3D ultrasound, it’s obviously a baby in there.

It is right and just to protect pre-born human life, and the momentum is on our side.

Phillip Madrid

Santa Maria


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