Mere presence contributed to riot

Columnist Byron York tries to offer an excuse that the presence of most of the people at the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection were not there to overthrow the United States government, to destroy the Constitution, and were not bent on insurrection.

They were just milling around taking selfies and left. He even says, “… that is one of the more prosaic -and likely common-stories of the Capitol riot.” He wants us to believe that they merely got “swept up” in events and we should feel empathy for them because they were “peaceful, maybe rowdy, protesters, who weren’t violating the law”.

Regardless of their intent, I believe their mere presence contributed and fueled the riot and insurrection that occurred. I would like to invoke Officer Micheal Fanone who was beaten, tased, severely injured, and nearly killed in the Capitol riot after being helped by some rioters when he said, “Thanks for your help, but f--- you for being there.”

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria

Tired of everything in black, white

I withheld my comments on a recent guest commentary for way too long, but I felt I had to collect my thoughts first. I got the gist or flow of how this message would flow from the opening paragraph written by Magdaleno Rose-Avila, and was unhappy with most of the content therein due to the fact that I believe many statements were blatant lies.

Yes, this person has every right in the world to spew falsehoods all day long, but I will just point out a few. George Floyd was indeed a danger to many people including the police, as he vehemently resisted following any instructions given by the police. It’s always white versus black; no matter what nowadays it’s all about color.

“Derek is a god-awful instrument of weaponized racism in America”. Are you kidding me? And then the really big Pinocchio, “Trump sent a signal to all police that there was an open season on people of color”. How is it that Trump had a high percentage of Black and Hispanic voters, more than any Republican in past elections?

This man Floyd had a history of drug problems; everybody knows that and he had a high amount in his body upon autopsy results. That’s one of the reasons the police could not subdue him well. So happy that you could join up with an organization that is deemed as radical and we all know for sure is not peaceful. What about all the police officers who are getting picked off?

Just think, where would we be without that so-called important video? Media, Big Tech, and Democrat-run states are ruining our beloved country and trying to change us to a socialist/Marxist system. It saddens me tremendously to see our nation succumb to such hatred and division. When I grew up many years ago life was great and beautiful and everyone got along.

I had numerous friends of different colors and I still enjoy having/building relationships with all ethnicities. It makes me sick to hear so much about color. Remember Martin Luther King’s comments.

Peggy Waleri

Santa Maria


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