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Mercy called for in drunk driving fatalities

I felt a horrible pain in my gut just passing the picture of the man being sentenced to 24 years to life and feeling the heartache and pain of loss all parties must live with day after day for years.

I've been there. But for Mr. Oliver that day will never stop killing him over and over again. I don't know his past, nor prior troubles, but he could not have imagined, planned, or deliberately set out to destroy the lives of his girlfriend, friend, or himself.

It doesn't excuse him or make it right, but were they all drinking? Were they forced into the car? Is there not a mustard seed of forgiveness, sorrow or mercy? We hope to never have to imagine being in his shoes, and are grateful for God's unending mercy, grace and forgiveness in our youthful years, because this situation is tragic.

It's got to be punishment enough reliving the foolish, stupid, humiliating, hurtful, unimagined loss all around, and this man is sentenced as well. His family loses him also. It seems with all the senseless killings every day, that murderers receive more lenient sentences because they plead insanity.

This man needs such a miracle. "In Jesus' name I pray for deliverance here." It could be anyone of us, an accident, not murder. Sad.

Stephanie Eppert

Santa Maria

Party affiliation superseding intellect

A recent letter writer expressed that she was brought to tears watching the State of the Union address because Democrat politicians were not paying respect to our tin-pot dictator, Trump.

Trump has accused those politicians of being treasonous for not standing and clapping to inflate his needy ego at the event. However, he and Republicans like the letter writer forget that from the first day of President Obama's first term, Mitch McConnell vowed that his GOP group would not work with him.

This vow was obviously a treasonous act as it was against our country's success. In spite of the endless GOP negativity throughout his two terms in office, President Obama succeeded in bringing the country out of the brink of depression and brought down the high unemployment rate that his Republican predecessor left. President Obama has been elevated by historians to rank high among past presidents, whereas Trump, with the daily chaos, is working to rank among the worst.

It is incomprehensible how most on the political right allow ideology and party affiliation to supersede intellect and don't recognize that their dear leader, except for Putin, is not respected by other international politicos, because all they see on display is an egotistical braggart, lying, moron who is an embarrassment to our nation.

Martha Hight