Media, not Twitter, Facebook, should take responsibility

I am reading your article about censorship and the bad Facebook and Twitter companies.

I, for one, am glad they took their businesses seriously and stopped a certain criminal insurrectionist from using them.

What has happened in four short political years is the media has succumbed to spreading lies and more lies in the name of "freedom of speech."

It is not freedom of speech when Facebook or Twitter is used in order to promote insurrection. The former President did just that, the evidence is in abundance.

Instead of condemning those who will not spread lies, maybe you should start looking hard at yourselves and decide if you want to be a public truth teller or support lies and criminals and the insurrectionists that attacked us all on Jan. 6. Attacked the very core of our Republic.

Freedom of speech is not the issue, honesty, integrity, service to God and country and protecting ourselves against domestic terrorists is the issue.

Until the media both print and broadcast starts pressing our government leaders against their lies, in covering up the insurrection; it is not Twitter or Facebook that is on the wrong side.

Donna Cox


Decentralization a reality to the chagrin of many

This comment captured my attention. "I have faith the Constitution will be saved. But it will not be saved in Washington. It will be saved by the citizens of this nation who love and cherish freedom." — Ezra Taft Benson

Mr. Benson identifies the malaise, the prescription, and the all-important cure prognosis. One powerful message expressed at a critical juncture in our history. It isn't about the coronavirus; rather, a plea from the heart for the restoration of the physical, mental and spiritual needs only our fellow citizens can provide.

A vast majority of the 545 individuals residing in our nation's hub understand reality. The federal apparatus is for purely ideological reasons, dysfunctional to a point it will neither guarantee states — a republic form of government nor protection from invasion and domestic violence. Attempts at international diplomacy produce equally alarming results.

What is not working, where it is not working, and who is not working are givens; proving again the concept of "centralization" in a republic has proven flawed beyond redemption.

Our Constitution is the roadmap by which governors, state, local officials, as well as private citizens working together are making decentralization reality to the chagrin of many.

Jim Withycombe


No history means no progress

Once again we're treated to a history lesson, and I see that he's researched it, using two books that I recommended in a previous letter (1491-1493). My question again for guest commentator Fina, what is your point?

This happened 500 years ago, and recognizing it will not change the history of what happened. You must have a deep-seated hatred for Christianity, no make that fear. Yes, let's talk religion, discovery and the logo. I think that you can't mention this without the Muslim expansion into Europe, Mongols into modern Eastern Europe among others.

I'm sure that your ancestors were perfect, maybe you should research that. This isn't about a history lesson, it's the opposite, which is to rewrite it. Our modern world wouldn't be what it is without discoveries and mistakes. Would you prefer to live in a world without modern discoveries or freedoms such as your 1st Amendment?

As of yet, I've only seen a few letters such as yours and you claim that your voices aren't being heard out of fear or worse. Granted, our country's history is rife with mistakes, but erasing any history just to satisfy your perceived righteousness doesn't do anything but divide.

Sure, recognize mistakes and move on. Progress is about learning from our actions, forgiveness, and realizing that this won't bring back lost lives, reputations, or utilize funds better spent on teaching students to think for themselves and to make a better life for themselves.

This isn't about ego, it's about educating students to support themselves, and not to blame others for their failures. What you're asking is irresponsible. Look in the mirror, are you perfect, and are you willing to make an effort for your ancestors' wrongs? If not, please realize the financial cost involved and how it will hurt students, the city, and others.

No history means no progress. Just give it a rest and resolve to recognize others' achievements, not their failures. Then we can have a better world to live in.

Bill Potts

Santa Maria