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Chumash Casino wins with card donation

As an assistant principal at Bonita School in Santa Maria, it is my job to assist with planning family engagement evenings. My dedicated staff of excellent teachers were planning a family math night for our students and parents recently.

The goal of our family math night is to make math games, show families how to play the games, and then the families will take the games home. This gives children the opportunity to build math skills in a fun and nurturing environment.

Unfortunately, several of our math games involved decks of cards. As our staff pondered spending money at Costco to purchase cards, one savvy teacher suggested contacting the Chumash Casino to inquire if they would be willing to donate cards for our evening activity. Thinking this was a long shot, I reluctantly contacted the casino.

Much to my complete and utter amazement, Teasha Blackman at Chumash Casino was more than happy to donate 200 decks of cards. In addition to the donation, Dominic Sanders, Security Control Supervisor, hand delivered the boxes of cards to our school. Teasha and Dominic filled my heart with joy.

I believe we have the most precious students in the county and they deserve the best of everything. The fact that Chumash Casino not only donated the decks of cards, but delivered them to our doorstep made it feel like it was Christmas at our school.

Thank you to the amazing people at Chumash Casino for your generosity, kindness, and willingness to go the extra mile for our Bonita students. You made my year.

Christina Stamford

Santa Maria

Measure G is opposed

There is no fracking in San Luis Obispo County, and even Measure G supporters admit the county’s geology doesn’t support fracking.

What Measure G will do is shut down existing oil and gas production in San Luis Obispo County, along with the jobs, tax revenue and economic activity it supports.

Measure G would lead to the loss of 230 good-paying jobs directly related to oil and gas production in SLO County, and even more jobs in local businesses that depend on the oil and gas industry. Those jobs are vital to the people who hold them and the families that depend on them.

It’s baffling that Measure G activists are willing to sacrifice those jobs to ban fracking, which isn’t happening in SLO County.

Oil and gas produced here is consumed here in California, not exported abroad. Shutting down oil and gas production here will increase our dependence on imported foreign oil from countries with poor environmental and human rights regulations. Oil and gas produced in SLO County is done so under the highest regulations in the world and provides more than 200 local jobs.

Let’s keep it local. Vote “no” on Measure G.

Joanie Brown

San Luis Obispo

Backing Melanie Waffle in Orcutt

I have thrown my support to Melanie Waffle for Orcutt Union School District board for many reasons. Who better than a dedicated mom with two children attending schools in the district, an intelligent businesswoman who will look at all the issues with an open mind, and someone who gives back to her community at every opportunity?

As a native of the Santa Maria Valley, Melanie is vested in her community. And not only is she vested in her own children, she wants the brightest future for all children going through the Orcutt school system. As a parent, she understands your concerns and will listen. As a team player Melanie’s life lessons will assist her in evaluating the best options for keeping our schools at the top of their game, bringing all parties together to solve problems, and always keeping your kids in the safest environment possible. These are her highest priorities.

I know Melanie Waffle and I believe she will do what she says. For all of these reasons, I urge you to vote for Melanie for Orcutt school board.

Terri Stricklin



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