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Measure E truly needed

Once again we are fortunate to have the opportunity to do something great for our schools. We can address the problems of our aging schools.

First, we have to realize that, although our schools look wonderful, when we glance over and drive by, they are really getting old. They badly need some repairs, updating and added safety features where there are currently hazards to the students. These types of repairs and additions are too expensive to come out of the annual budget and the capital outlay budget. The appropriate source for such expenses has always been school bonds.

This is the best possible time to vote “yes” on Measure E2018. We had a majority vote before, but we were slightly short of what’s required to pass.

So, we need everyone to get out and vote for lots of important issues and “yes” on Measure E. If this passes, we will receive 40-percent matching funds from the state and that is a great deal for us. Your taxes or your landlord’s taxes won’t increase, because the last school bond is getting paid off little by little and this slides right in.

All the bond money will be spent right here in Lompoc on all of our schools in the district, not on salaries. There will be an oversight committee composed of local people who do not work for the school district.

Let’s be smart and vote this in now, because if we make this investment in our school buildings now, we will avoid a huge increase in price later.

Please vote “yes” on Measure E, so our kids can be on a par with the surrounding school districts and have the advantages of safe and repaired school buildings, and up-to-date educational technology.

Katherine “Susie” Morey


Poor reason for kneeling

The current stand-vs.-kneel patriotic controversy continues to separate like oil and water.

I do recognize valid points that kneelers have gone to in back-pedaling efforts to diffuse anger, saying it's not about the flag. But, if not about the flag, why use it as a message? Isn't that hypocritical?

Nike, an American company, has demonstrated a sell-out to the notion that any publicity is good publicity by rewarding Colin Kaepernick for his displeasure with America.

Standing demonstrates, through a very small gesture, very large amounts of gratitude for what we have been provided in a country that, while far from perfect, is desired by most. Gratitude for sacrifices my father, two brothers, and recently a nephew, as service members, made to instill within me.

Here's an idea — Kaepernick could use whatever stage he has left to demonstrate pleasure that this unjust country of imperfection afforded him. Let's review:

He played a game for a living, and made more in a year than most do in a lifetime, in any country.

He should be set financially for a lifetime after only a few years of service, while most work a lifetime of service to hopefully get by in their last years of life.

These only represent financial freedoms Kaepernick has been through.

Give us a demonstration that requires even less effort than the one he chose to cause so much controversy and division.

Nike's next product line to secure their monstrous financial future should be knee pads of all colors, shapes,and sizes. I can see the marketing slogan now, "Kaeper-NIKE Knee Pads, What a Pair!"

Geno Alvino

Santa Maria

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