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Marijuana caused crash, ongoing pain

There have been, and will continue to be articles about making the use of marijuana legal in all 50 states. I am the victim of a marijuana user in California.

In 1969 as we were making our way to Seattle to attend a national church convention, I was hit by a young adult who was on his way to work after smoking pot at a party on Highway 92 in San Mateo. We had parked several feet away from the edge of the freeway to adjust a canvas on top of the car covering our suitcases. I was hit directly by the car. I woke up in Saint Rose Hospital in Hayward. I have had to take medicine to relieve the pain since that time.

Since 1969 we have been an active family. We have hosted six exchange students from several different countries up to a year each, traveled to 22 countries, have been active in our county (I have received two Citizen of the Year awards), and have been a pastor in six different congregations.

There is one area we have not appreciated, pain. My left leg has been in pain since the accident in 1969. So I have suffered and my family has been affected by my being in constant pain.

So it may seem like a little matter of only smoking once or twice, but your resulting behavior may prove harmful to others. Having marijuana more available may bring pain, more pain, to many more innocent people with or without their plan or consent.

Pastor Bob Paulus

Santa Maria