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Letters to the Editor: Mainstream media includes FOX News; Thankful for unvarnished truth; Liberal networks lead to misinformation; Religion does not oppose science

Letters to the Editor: Mainstream media includes FOX News; Thankful for unvarnished truth; Liberal networks lead to misinformation; Religion does not oppose science

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Mainstream media includes FOX News

I am dumbfounded how a letter writer published Sept. 2 could mount an attack on "mainstream media'' without including mention of FOX News and its affiliates. Is FOX News not mainstream? If it isn't, what is it?

Patrick Sullivan


Thankful for unvarnished truth

In response a recent letter about the mainstream media, all I can say is thank goodness we have FOX News to give us the unvarnished and unopinionated truth.

Dan Carey

Santa Maria

Liberal networks lead to misinformation

If you do not support Trump, you are uninformed and misinformed. It's easy to be that way with the liberal TV networks outnumbering the conservative network six (including PBS) to one.

For four years the liberal networks have been lying about Trump; like calling him a racist. No way. All the liberal networks broadcast that, so you believe it's true. They won't broadcast any of the good things that he has done (and there have been many).

Recently they praised Biden for a speech he made from his basement. So, if you hadn't heard it or hadn't seen a bite of it from Ingraham Angle, you would think that was the truth, when actually he mumbled and fumbled. Get the facts and watch FOX and listen to conservative radio.

Melvin Drake

Santa Maria

Religion does not oppose science

I apologize to all of the other religions for not using similar examples. Because I am most familiar with the Christian Bible, its roots in Judaism, and other Jewish religious books, these examples are Judeo-Christian based.

Black mold is the example and I can’t remember if it is in the Jewish Talmud, Torah or one of the other books. But this was written in those early books before the new testament (BC). This is very early evidence of applied science. The writings describe how the religious leader is asked to confirm the kind of mold in a home, if it is black mold the family is prescribed to leave the home, do certain things to eradicate the black mold, and have the religious leader confirm that the home is ready to live in again.

Nobody claimed that freedom of choice or religion was being trampled. And there weren’t any politicians or conspiracy theorists saying anything contrary. Actually believing in those things was usually associated with believing in false gods.

Similarly, lepers were expected to stay away from the church and the public in general to protect people from the spread of leprosy. COVID-19 is just like that but it is a temporary situation and not permanent like leprosy was. Later, people figured out how to help lepers without getting leprosy and eventually a cure was figured out. This happened when applied science started to move away from religion, when kingdoms were formed.

The CDC, WHO and infectious disease leaders are the current evolved version of applied science. And they are providing important instructions on avoiding COVID-19. The religious leaders were the learned and trusted ones, now the CDC, WHO and infectious disease leaders are the learned ones and should be trusted.

False gods have always been a crime to humanity. Religious leaders saying that “faith alone will protect you” and politicians saying things like “COVID-19 will just go away” are today’s false gods. And conspiracy theories are also false gods. False gods always seek power over people, sometimes very cruel power.

What is right and cuts through the false gods is the simple determination to be good to one another, treating people as you want to be treated. What is often forgotten is that we have the power to denounce all that does not meet the muster of being good to one another and treating others as you want to be treated.

Wayne Botz

Santa Maria


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