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Letters to the Editor: Looking for unbiased mainstream news; Change is needed now; Law enforcement is not the enemy; Peace and Good
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Letters to the Editor: Looking for unbiased mainstream news; Change is needed now; Law enforcement is not the enemy; Peace and Good

Looking for unbiased mainstream news

Where can we get accurate news today? Flip through the TV news channels one thing becomes obvious, the majority of media is liberally biased and not just liberally biased but supportive of the most radical groups.

It is unlikely any conservative reporters are employed by most media. The most blatantly biased media is CNN and MSNBC as they are unabashedly the anti-Trump channels. Tune in and watch them parade liberal and social activist “experts” endlessly across 24 hour broadcasting.

Watch CNN and MSNBC and see enough gloom and doom drama coverage to scare people out of their wits. These media outlets peddle feelings and emotions not unbiased facts and information. They are pandering and promoting the victim mentality and have become the media arm of the leftist movement that is forcing their agenda across America.

They call rioters peaceful protesters. People sneaking into the country illegally are not breaking the law, they are all just “immigrants”. Disagree and you are a racist and of course we should have open borders. Ban guns? Absolutely because the 2nd Amendment is the problem. The Green New Deal? Oh yes, they support it. Black man shot by police? It is a crisis before it is investigated. Protect and support communist China? Absolutely. Do we need more laws and government control? Yes bring it on! Is our entire country racist and White privileged? Absolutely without question.

Whatever Trump does they attack and of course all our problems are Trump's fault. These companies are no longer news media. They are at best an opinion drama club propaganda outlet for the liberal cause. Think of them as the National Inquirer of TV. They do not talk about America freedom and liberty.

It is very sad if people think they are getting accurate accounts of events from the mainstream media. They show you what they want you to see. Divide America? It is what they do and it is right out of the leftist Marxist playbook. How can you get accurate news information? You can’t by watching CNN and MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC.

Jeffrey Bensen


Change is needed now

Small business owners and their families have been destroyed by our existing political representative and his anti-business and employee policies. 

Vote for Andy Caldwell for the 24th Congressional District.

Kevin O’Connor


Law enforcement is not the enemy

I just don't get it. The media, the social justice people, BLM, they're all trying to convince us that the police are the enemy.

Eight cops have been shot in St. Louis since June 1, fatally. And I'm sure a whole bunch of BLM supporters are celebrating right now. The 17-year-old guy that shot three people in Kenosha, has been described as a Blue Lives Matter supporter, like there is something wrong with that.

They wrote that the federal marshalls and other federal people who went to Portland, arrested people and put them in "unmarked cars." Every police department in the country has unmarked cars. This isn't some third-world country where the police "disappear" people.

The federal police are not the enemy. I truly hope that if this "peaceful protesting" comes here with the "peaceful vandalism and arson," the Santa Maria police don't even let it get started. There's something wrong with what's happening in Portland. I guess they could hire those bikers from SLO county that didn't let it happen in San Luis Obispo.

Robert Jones

Santa Maria

Peace and Good

I appreciated your coverage of the protest in front of our Mission on Aug. 22. I am glad it remained a peaceful protest, and I and the other friars here were praying for all those involved.

I do want to clarify something however. At no time before the protest or since have I been contacted by anyone associated with the petition. Despite the statement made in the article (by a protestor), we received no emails or phone calls here at the Mission.

I pray there may be reasonable discussion in this regard, and I am working with our Archbishop to have a dialogue with the Chumash tribal leadership on this matter.

God bless!

Fr. Bobby Barbato, OFM Cap

Pastor, Old Mission Santa Ines


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