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Letters to the Editor: Looking for solutions; Pass COVID global relief bill quickly; Campaigning, not taking needed action; Proud to be a 'social justice warrior'

Letters to the Editor: Looking for solutions; Pass COVID global relief bill quickly; Campaigning, not taking needed action; Proud to be a 'social justice warrior'

Looking for solutions

Regarding a recent commentary by Andy Caldwell, "what worked before ...." led to the existing structure. Mr. Caldwell, as many, finds it easy to criticize but does not offer a single proposal to improve the situation. I realize the situation is complicated but I think, in the space used, he should have given at least one suggested program for us to think about to improve our lives. Give us solutions please.

Rollie Cavaletto


Pass COVID global relief bill quickly

As of Aug. 7 there were 538,416 COVID-19 cases in California according to This pandemic is taking a large toll on not only our city, state, and country, but the entire world. A global pandemic requires a global response. Congressional leaders and the White House don’t seem to get that.

The U.S. must support lower-income countries to deal with the immediate crisis and to strengthen healthcare systems in the long run. In dozens of countries, the pandemic is affecting people directly as well as undermining years of progress in fighting other diseases.

Many kids are already missing out on life-saving vaccines and it’s getting harder to access treatment for diseases like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. Food insecurity and starvation are also rising fast.

Global challenges aren’t solved in isolation. Whether it’s COVID-19 or other ongoing global health emergencies, we need a strong response from Congress here and around the world. I’m counting on Congress and the White House to break the current stalemate and quickly pass a COVID-19 relief bill that includes $20 billion for the global response to the pandemic.

Dorothy Monza

San Luis Obispo

Campaigning, not taking needed action

Trump has shown no ability or interest in creating a national strategy for controlling COVID-19, and saving American lives. He pushed for opening businesses and schools by saying that the virus is under control, and attacked Dr. Fauci for truthfully stating America has the worst outbreak in the world, almost 5 million cases, and 162,000 deaths.

However, he praised Dr. Stella Immanuel who stated masks don’t work, and Alien (UFO) DNA is used in medical treatments. His irresponsible decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic have been typical of his total inability to accept the lethal circumstances facing America.

He continues to demonstrate he is an uncaring, and irresponsible person, and that his pathological narcism, uncontrolled lying, malicious bullying, intellectual ineptitude, and ludicrous thinking pattern, make him incapable of functioning as President. However, he is diligently working 24/7 on his reelection campaign, now doesn't that make you feel better?

Jim Piatt

Santa Ynez

Proud to be a 'social justice warrior'

In a recent Times Guest Commentary, Andy Caldwell used the term “social justice warrior” to describe people like myself who believe that we should work for social justice. At first, I liked this term; I thought that it accurately describes the work that I and my friends do to bring equity and support to people of color who have been denied equal rights. I then realized that Caldwell was using the term pejoratively, so I did a little more digging into the term’s definition.

Merriam-Webster points out that although “social justice warrior” can be used sardonically, it does mean someone who is seen as “overly enthusiastic about issues of fairness in the treatment of matters, of race, gender, or identity.” And from my viewpoint, this is a good thing.

Yes, we do need to be enthusiastic in our work toward racial and social justice. We need to support the work of the NAACP, CAUSE, SURJ, and the other organizations that are committed to making Santa Maria a community that values all its residents.

I think that it is important that we work enthusiastically with local organizations to fight for social justice and get into “good trouble,” as John Lewis said.

Cliff Solomon

Santa Maria


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