Letters to the Editor: Living history is hard on high school seniors; Health, financial support come before 'normal'; Dog grooming an essential business

Letters to the Editor: Living history is hard on high school seniors; Health, financial support come before 'normal'; Dog grooming an essential business


Living history is hard on high school seniors

We are all living in history. Coronavirus is the new deadly virus going around the whole world. This virus is not only killing, it's isolating everyone from seeing each other to not being able to go to school.

Not only can we not go to school, for seniors it means no more prom, senior nights, grad night, and most importantly no graduation. They are still making us graduate, but online.

This is terrible for the seniors because we've been in school for about 14 years and everyone else graduates fine but due to the virus, we can't walk the stage and really feel what it's like to be free as you can say.

Since we can't leave our houses it is becoming very hard for us to find things to do. Since all sports have been canceled we really can't watch anything and be excited for anything. This is so tragic because there is no one on the roads and the only people driving are delivery drivers. This is the new way of getting items, by delivery.

With this being in effect it means we need to hire more drivers to be on the road and get these items to people so they can live from their homes. This also brings up a good topic. I hope that this will not lead to war and maybe cause a World War III because it is going to take a long time and we will have to take very careful precautions before going outside. You never know what could become a war zone.

Since in the past the market crashed due to world war, we could see another crash because the market is terrible. We can handle it right now because we have experienced this before so it's nothing new.

Dillon Christopher


Health, financial support come before 'normal'

It’s reckless to insist that the nation return to "normal" … economically and socially … when these are not normal times.

Keeping people healthy, and treating those who are ill, should be our first priority. Providing support for those suffering economic hardship should be our second. And only when those two are in place, and stable, should we attempt to get the economy back to "normal."

You can’t have an economy if you don’t have people; and you can’t have a healthy economy if you don’t have healthy people.

Trying to "rev up the economy" and relaxing social distancing before we significantly slow down the rate of infection is putting us all at risk for an even bigger health disaster and consequently an even bigger economic disaster.

We desperately need leaders who have patience, who have an attention span longer than an instant, and who respect the advice of health experts and science. 

Donald Archer


Dog grooming an essential business

Yesterday I read dog grooming is not an essential business. Who ever decided that must not own a dog. Grooming your dog is essential, just ask the dog that has experienced a ruptured anal gland. Not to mention chronic ear infections and skin problems.

How about the dog’s nails that are too long; which can affect their ability to walk comfortably. Nails can grow into the pads as well as deform their feet and can even break toes when jumping onto a hard surface.

For those of you that are not aware pet groomers are frequently the first to spot health issues owners miss. Groomers look over every inch of their client’s pets and are familiar with health problems less than obvious to the uninformed. Dog grooming is a medical issue and essential to the health and well being of your fur baby. 

Susan Wright

Grover Beach


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