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Letters to the Editor: Levy a fit for Hancock trustee; Say no to Prop. 15, a tax on your bottom line; Supporting Levy for Hancock board

Letters to the Editor: Levy a fit for Hancock trustee; Say no to Prop. 15, a tax on your bottom line; Supporting Levy for Hancock board

Levy a fit for Hancock trustee

Without a doubt, Suzanne Levy deserves to be elected to the Allan Hancock College Board of Trustees. For over 30 years, Suzanne has been involved with Allan Hancock College; as a computer science professor, A PCPA board member, and a student.

While at Allan Hancock College, Suzanne led several grants that enhanced educational opportunities for the under-represented, interacted with all area high schools to ensure that students knew what the college had to offer and understood the process for taking on this new challenge in their lives.

Suzanne believes in giving back to the community and it is proven by her involvement as the President of the board for the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, past board member for the Hope School District in Santa Barbara, her service on seven different PTA boards, treasurer of the Orcutt Children’s Art Foundation and volunteer work with numerous non-profit organizations in the Santa Maria Valley.

She helps our students fulfill the motto of "Start Here. Go Anywhere."

Please join me in electing Suzanne Levy to the Allan Hancock College Board of Trustees. Experience, leadership and integrity matters.

Lizabeth Phillips

Santa Maria

Say no to Prop. 15, a tax on your bottom line

It's interesting that the title of Proposition 15, which would be the largest annual tax increase in California history, doesn't have the words "tax increase" in it.

That's an up to $12.5 billion tax increase. Although this is a tax increase on business property, the business owners will be obliged to pass on their increased costs of doing business to their customers, both rich and poor. That's you and me. Our groceries, gas, restaurant, gardening, health care, and clothing prices and anything else we buy, would all go up.

We don't need to be paying more taxes to our state when millions of citizens are filing for unemployment because they are not allowed to work due to regulations imposed by the same politicians who are advocating for this proposition.

Also, California is already one of the highest taxed states in the country with one of the highest costs of living. It's a poorly kept secret that if Prop. 15 passes, residential property taxes are next. If the state wants more money, then let them get rid of the bullet train fiasco.

We also need to ask the question, "who really benefits from a giant tax increase when accountability is poorly defined"? Maybe the special interest groups? Prop. 15 ultimately is a tax increase on you! Stand up for your pocketbook and say no!

Dana Franck

Santa Maria

Supporting Levy for Hancock board

With great conviction, I write in support of Suzanne Levy for Allan Hancock College’s Board of Trustees.

Having known Suzanne for nearly 20 years, I have watched her service to the community firsthand. Serving on a number of non-profit boards, I’ve found she is always part of the solution. Suzanne has chosen to lean in to a leadership position when others were apprehensive. As president of the Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum board she oversaw the move to the larger permanent facility and now the children of our community have a wonderful option for educational exploration.

We sat together recently and she spoke of a conversation she had, with her young adult daughters, about a current issue. She admitted because of that conversation she had reached an understanding of that issue. This reinforced my belief that Suzanne Levy is a listener and we need a few more of those in elected positions.

Seek her out, hear what she has to say, but most importantly join me in voting for Suzanne Levy for Allan Hancock Trustee.

Kathleen Binns Stevenson



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