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Letters to the Editor: July 4th becoming another day to forget; Bigotry, hate sickening to see

Letters to the Editor: July 4th becoming another day to forget; Bigotry, hate sickening to see

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July 4th becoming another day to forget

The Texan “American Diary: July 4th hurts” was published July 5 in this paper because so many people in Santa Maria and California feel that the July 4th holiday is a great day to air a list of personal grievances, hurtful memories, hatred, and anger?

Okay, so if all those local fireworks are just selfish angry fingers, July 4th isn't a great day when we celebrate with lights in the darkness, celebrate the ever-growing social contract called democracy in the USA.

Maybe democracy is already dead like an old statue desecrated by those enraged by their failure to find a perfect life for themselves in a perfect nation.

The writer of “American Diary: July 4th hurts” can't imagine why his uncles bothered to fight in WWII because they were Mexican. He can't comprehend that his uncles were taking a stand to defend an imperfect but inspiring Constitution against deadly racist fascism in Europe and aggressive violence in the Pacific.

It sounds like 4th of July is becoming just another day to easily forget about “all men are created equal,” so all men can be judged by their skin color or La Raza instead of by their actions.

Camina Tripodi

Santa Maria

Bigotry, hate sickening to see

We recently saw bigotry and hate on stickers on a small, white pickup truck in the parking lot at Von's in Nipomo: (Piss on Obama; F*** Off, We're Full (on a map of the USA). This stupidity is sad and sickening to see, especially in the era of COVID-19. We hope Central Coast community leaders read this.

Bonnie and Pat Sullivan



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