Judgment in attending rally questioned

In reference to the Times article on Friday regarding Mr. Dougherty’s attendance at the Trump rally on Wednesday where the crowd turned into an insurrection incited by Trump and his family and lawyer, I offer this:

First, if Mr. Dougherty was so concerned that he needed to pray for our country he could have done it from the confines of his home instead of traveling by air and taking the chance of either spreading or contracting the COVID virus for him and his family.

Secondly, anyone who has a half a brain should know that these rallies perpetrated by our idiot-in-chief, can turn violent at any time. It was well known prior to this event that there was a strong possibility of violence. Trump has a 5-year history to show what kind of a person he is.

If he truly believed all the conspiracy theories and lies that Trump has been espousing for the last several months/years, that encouraged him to travel to D.C., then his credibility and judgement should also be in question.

If Mr. Dougherty was at the Capitol building then he was being very irresponsible in his actions, and his judgement in supporting Trump should be brought into consideration.

Is he the right person to be the CEO of the OASIS non-profit?

Gene Corbin

Santa Maria

I cannot be quiet

The election is finally called and you got what you have been fighting for since President Trump was elected four years ago. You never, and I stress you never, gave him one day of a high-five, but that is because he is a Republican.

From "impeach him" before he stepped over the threshhold of the White House you chanted and repeated the same rhetoric delivered to you from hate mongers who hate this, our country, so much they blinded you to the facts. You didn't want to listen, there's two sides to every story. You closed your minds and repeated, "you know not what".

Are you aware of your childish behavior that has been brought down on all of us? There is no turning back. This whole nation is under the power hungry, I hate to use the word "leader". Watch the puppet strings and there are enough losers to pull the uninformed strings.

You have elected a man who, along with his son Hunter, is under investigation for their connections to China. Will we kowtow to China under this new leader?

Your reckless action is against everything our forefathers tried to prevent from happening.

No sense to continue to beat a dead horse, even the horse has intelligence enough not to come back to inform you, he knows how senseless this would be.

So, in closing, forgive me for using my 1st Amendment right, but I cannot be quiet. And to those who have looked me up and let me know my words are not wasted, thank you. I shall speak up when an injustice happens. These old bones and brain I hope, will continue to light up one uninformed.

Thank you and God bless America

Anita Dwyer



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