It is a ship ...

The recent interest expressed in canceling the use of a symbol of a ship that Christopher Columbus used to traverse the oceans to far-off lands misses the mark. This symbol does not represent a person, it represents a worthy sea-going vessel ... the Santa Maria.

When the Spanish monarchy commissioned an Italian seaman to lead an expedition to the Far East it was necessary to carefully engineer and skillfully build vessels capable of withstanding the perils of a lengthy sea voyage, raging seas that claimed many a ship and their crew.

The symbolism should not be lost on the entities that serve our community using such a symbol. Their missions are quite similar to that of a seagoing vessel: the skillful construct of a mission to serve our community during times of plenty or want.

The City of Santa Maria, the Santa Maria Joint Union High School District, and the Santa Maria Country Club should, therefore, proudly display the symbol of a ship such as … the Santa Maria.

Rande Downer

Santa Maria

My body my choice

In response to a specific letter to the editor titled “Murder no longer a crime?”, the writer states that overall abortion is wrong. Some may agree with that statement, but I however 100 percent disagree.

It is very illogical to think or even say that “murder can no longer be a crime”. Abortions have a certain time frame and that depends on the state. And yes, there are abortions that are performed past the time frame but it is because of medical reasons that usually involve life or death situations.

There are many reasons that a woman would need an abortion. For example, some reasons are that they were raped, not financially stable, living in an abusive household, in an abusive relationship, have pre-existing health problems, not mentally ready, etc.

When not given the option of an abortion, women will go to an alternative route that can lead to permanent damage and possibly even death. A research study conducted by the University of Chicago showed the public that women of color who live in poverty are not fortunate with the option of abortion compared to those with wealth.

Women should always have the right to be responsible for their bodies. They should always be given a choice because it’s their body. I appreciate the opinion but as a woman, I will not have a man or the government have control over my body. Abortion is legal, as it should be.

Stephanie Corona

Santa Maria

Have the courage to say no

Since the article in the Times covering questions raised about the logo of the City of Santa Maria, and the attempt at its removal from use by the city and school district through letters from a local educator, Scott Fina, I felt that a rebuttal was in order.

Regardless of the history regarding Christopher Columbus and Native Americans, has a poll been taken to actually get the peoples' opinion, or is this an attempt at cancel culture and the pressure involved to force one's feelings over what obviously is an attempt to rewrite history?

I question Mr. Fina's reference that there are a number of Indigenous families and students of Mixteco and Zapotec heritage who are affronted by the said logo.

How many are there exactly, and do they even know who he is? Have you taken an opinion poll? With all of the cancel culture and "woke" opinions regarding true history, where will this insanity stop? There's never been any society on the face of Earth without some form of aggression against another, slavery, and the impression of superiority over others.

Many countries have coped with this over the years. My question is not to demean his opinion, but to ask why? What will this accomplish? To date, I haven't seen any demands for action like this. I have read George Orwell's "Animal Farm", and "1984", something that's obviously escaped him, also "1492" and "1493" by Charles O.Mann, and you'll see a different story, not cherry-picked facts.

At a time when cities are struggling with budgets, the expense of removing these logos from buses, letterheads, highway overpasses, to placate feelings seems to be a rule of a few over the many. Who's going to pay for this? And what logo do you propose that won't offend anyone?

I grew up with this allegory: "Think, is it truthful, is it helpful, is it inspiring, is it kind, and is it necessary." I hope better minds prevail, and have the courage to say NO!

Bill Potts

Santa Maria

Do some research

Please don't cave to the cancel culture Santa Maria ... our name came from Saint Mary or Holy Mary, not Christopher Columbus, and was chosen by Juan Pacifico Ontiveros. Look up the Santa Maria Historical Society.

Paul Silva

Santa Maria


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