Inciting insurrection demands removal

In the Christian world today, it is Epiphany. In the world of American politics today it is a day of epiphany (an experience of a sudden and striking realization …) that democracy is not guaranteed, and the peaceful transfer of power is under attack from the lame duck President of the United States and his seditious mob followers.

Our duly elected officials were attacked in the Capitol as they worked. They were subjected to conditions of lock down, shelter in place, putting on gas masks, hiding under their desks, being taken to more secure locations, and fearful of being shot or blown up while they were doing the business we elected them to do.

Insurgents soiled our halls of Congress, sat with “privilege” in the chair of the Speaker of the House, rifled through official papers, and took souvenirs. Shots were fired, a woman was killed, and incendiary devices were found in our halls of government. There is no reasonable conclusion except that the people who committed these acts are “domestic terrorists”.

If such a mob had been part of another group, or another protest had made this kind of attack on our Capitol, they would have been harshly and swiftly dealt with and arrested or pushed back with force.

What happened to security today?

Why aren’t all agencies on highest alert during this time between the election and inauguration of the next President, who was overwhelmingly elected by the citizens of the United States?

This event has been coming for a long time as each of the other ways to try to change the will of the people have failed. These actions are not over. What will be done to protect our elected officials and incoming president and vice-president?

It is time to deal swiftly with a person in the seat of power who is inciting insurrection and immediately impeach and remove him from the Oval office.

Lorraine Waldau 


Lompoc Valley Democratic Club

A price for no wind machine noise

So now, after all these years, people are complaining about a product they love to eat. And -- a product that employs hundreds of workers not counting the several hundreds of other product suppliers in this great valley.

If you like berries, I suppose the City will place an ordinance against the wind machines that help save this likeable crop and that promotes a heavy tax base for the county. If you like them as much as everyone says we do, go ahead and shut off the machines and watch the price of those berries go absolutely nuts.

You will see a small box of berries going for well over $10 a box. You will put hundreds out of work and businesses out of operation. But I guess you have the right, just like me, to voice your opinions. Just don't squawk when your taxes go up because so many places shut down because of losing their product resource. 

RG Dixon

Santa Maria


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