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Hunting rifles vs. 'military grade weapons'

Ruined meat because of high powered ammunition? M-16/AR15 rifles use .223/5.56 ammunition, same as many hunting rifles. Same with the larger caliber military rifles, .308, a long range, high velocity round. It is available (as with the .223/5.56 round), in a semi-automatic hunting rifle, that holds five rounds, the Remington R-15 and R-25, the difference is, they aren't painted black.

The reasoning in a recent commentary doesn't hold water. The hunting angle is also disingenuous, since most people don't hunt, they probably just like the feeling of security that a powerful rifle gives them. Whether it actually is more secure or not, is an emotionally charged question.

Robert Jones

Santa Maria

DUI ruling bad message

Sometimes giving second chances may not be the proper solution. Allowing a pass for the DUI arrest of Principal Swanitz sends the wrong message to our local students and community.

Administrators and educators of our children are leaders and role models and should be held to a higher standard. The proper handling of this incident should have had a different outcome.

Responsible alcohol consumption is an individual decision. Swanitz was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. A 170-pound man would have to drink five to six glasses of wine, or six beers within a two-hour period in order to be considered legally drunk. His alcohol content was over the 0.08 legal limit. Drinking to the point of intoxication was his choice. But, the situation became dangerous when he made the decision to get in his car and drive.

The teachable-moment penance will likely work against the goal of cautioning students about the realities and potential dangers of alcohol. Our children deserve better adult leadership, along with a zero-tolerance policy. Let’s start now.

Steve Hartstein

Santa Ynez

Lompoc ballot language vague, misleading

Voters in the Lompoc Unified School District should be outraged at the vague and misleading "template" language to be used in the upcoming bond election. Measure Q2018 will be on the ballot June 5 for your consideration.

The school board and their highly paid consultants are well aware that bond money will be used for administrators to oversee the projects. The language is buried in the bond proposition that very few voters will actually read or see. It is the bond proposition, not the ballot question which contractually binds the district and the voter.

Why would the district issue such deceitful language in the ballot question when they know it is not true? First, they have plausible deniability because they don't write the ballot question, they pay consultants. Second, the consultants, the school construction lobby, and district officials want to win at any cost. What is a little lie between friends. They know that the voters can't do anything after the measure is approved.

Taxpayers should take no comfort in being told that the district will have an independent oversight committee. The committees's members are selected by the board, do not have a budget, receive no training, and are overly dependent on district staff and auditors for help and information. Don't be fooled, Measure Q2018 is a recipe for disaster.

Concerned citizens in Lompoc should bring the above points to the attention of the district staff and school board members. Why do they feel it is necessary to mislead the voters regarding important components of the bond measure?

Tell the school board members to be truthful in the ballot question. Until they agree to do so, voters should reject Measure Q2018 in June 2018 by voting no.

Stephen Petzold

Santa Clarita