Home town parade an intimate experience

Congratulations, Solvang on a wonderful 4th of July parade! While the parade route was shortened from previous years, there were still over 50 entries, including the Garcia Dance Studio dancers and two charro groups with their mariachi bands.

I liked the new route as it allows traffic to pass through Solvang on Hwy. 246. We were quite lucky because we found a table and two chairs in front of Lion’s Peak wine tasting room on Copenhagen, and were able to enjoy flights of white wine while we watched the parade pass by just inches from us.

Also, we were right across the street from the announcer’s stand and enjoyed Allan Jones' 4th of July quiz with youngsters competing for bags of peanuts (I think) and a stunning rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” by a recent graduate of SYV High School.

What I liked about my experience was its intimacy. It was truly a “home town” parade. I hope you can preserve that in the future.

Penny Knowles

Santa Ynez

Human factor, record heat should be linked

A recent article about record-breaking heat fails to clarify that record-breaking heat waves are likely related to human-driven climate change. Instead, the entire piece ignores the relevance of humanity’s impact on the environment, completely sidestepping this global issue that should be of concern for all.

Avoidance of the topic is reflected by the title of the piece, which contains a quote from meteorologist Gerald Meadows stating that the upcoming heat “is not normal.” The reality is that this weather is the new normal.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a new Science Fact Sheet in March 2021, which states that: “human-caused changes to the climate have been found to be a primary driver of many events, particularly heat-related events” (NOAA Science Council 2021). It is critical to acknowledge potential human culpability in heat extremes across the globe.

Major fossil fuel companies carry on a modern campaign to misinform the public about the realities of climate change, and as responsible citizens, we have a duty to do the opposite. This article needs to make an explicit connection between the possible human factor of the upcoming record-breaking heatwave and the climate change that has made such weather the new normal.

Hannah Ellsworth



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