Hit the wrong nail on the head

Guest commentator Steven Roberts hit the nail on the head. It wasn’t the nail he hoped to drive. He proved how hypocritical liberals and the media are. They like to scream “racism” at most everybody in today’s America.

I’ll quote Steven: “If all those aging 'white' Trump voters want to enjoy their retirement benefits, they should be begging for more hardworking, taxpaying immigrants.” Further in his rant “… except for the Trumpist xenophobes who want to keep out as many foreigners as possible.”

Steven teaches politics and journalism. That helps explain the sorry, miserable state each of those fields is in. First his article assumes only aging White people voted for Trump. Second it declares that those same aging White people will enjoy their retirement supported on the backs of immigrants. Third he claims Trumpists want to keep out foreigners. Nowhere in his article does he bring up the key issue. Legal immigration. Yes Steven. Legal.

You claim to be a journalism teacher. Look up legal. I’ll spell it for you, L E G A L. For those of you who don’t think his article is racist just substitute the word Black, or Latino or Asian every time Steven uses the word White or Trumpist. Would there be a media uproar over that?

America needs immigration reform. What we have now is not reform. It’s a free for all at the borders with the catch and release system put in place. If you like hypocrisy in journalism this is a good example. Another is the detention centers for youth crossing our borders illegally. When Trump was president he was “putting kids in cages.” When Biden does the same thing, the media morphed it into “detention centers.” True hypocrisy. “Walls don’t work.” “Outlaw guns.” Unless the wall and guns are around Congress.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria


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