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Help is there when needed

We have always considered our mobile home park self-sufficient, but on Saturday and Sunday we found out how nice it was to have people to help us.

We would like to thank search and rescue, Sheriff’s Department and the Chumash Casino for all their help at our time of need. With the power out for over 33 hours and the temperatures above 100 degrees it was not easy to keep in contact with the homebound residents in our park.

Search and rescue went door to door to check on residents. They offered assistance or a ride up to the cooling station provided by the Chumash. Thankfully, everyone was OK.

We would like to thank our resident committee leader, Tom Wendt, and our emergency response team. We all realized how lucky we were when we thought of Houston and all the problems there. We are so grateful to be living in a community where people care about each other.

Joan and Bud McCoy


Rancho Santa Ynez Mobile Estates

Wiemiller is to blame

Lompoc City Administer Wiemiller should be fired. He is an empire builder, only interested in more taxes to create more government with more government services and more government property.

He siphons money from higher utility charges without a vote by the people as required by law. He spends money on benefits to city employees and government, not to the benefit of the people.

Wiemiller strives to cover productive agricultural lands with more residential housing because he wants more property tax income to spend on more government. He imports transients motorhome dwellers, and low-income welfare recipients just to increase sales and gasoline tax income without regard to the consequences to the Lompoc population or to the people imported. Unlimited population growth is not a solution to urban problems, it is the cause.

Lompoc schools are suffering under an increasing burden of very needy children who are not academically or socially competent at their appropriate grade level.

Lompoc is increasingly shabby in appearance, which hurts business, tourism, and real estate sales. The land around our borders are suffering environmental degradation due to transient camps. Wildlife is being chased out of habitat. Each passing year sees more brush fires caused by illegal campfires. Lompoc's water supply is being poisoned by human waste in the river bed and drainage areas.

Lompoc's workers and fixed-income population are suffering a gradual loss of effective income and a noticeable loss of quality of life without any choice. Lompoc voters chose none of these trends. It is all coming from Patrick Wiemiller.

I hope for the sake of the people of Lompoc, the City Council members fire Wiemiller.

David Grill