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Letters to the Editor: Harris' will be attacked on attributes; Propaganda does work

Letters to the Editor: Harris' will be attacked on attributes; Propaganda does work

Harris' will be attacked on attributes

Kamala Harris is a brilliant, educated, experienced, public servant who happens to be female and of mixed race. Hence she will be attacked in every ugly, degrading, humiliating and threatening manner.

Her attackers will not just be conservative men but also women will attack her because they feel threatened by a woman who has escaped the barriers and limitations assigned to us. Yes, Kamala Harris will be attacked mercilessly because she truly has the ability to be not only the vice president but President.

Ethel Landers

Arroyo Grande

Propaganda does work

What is FICA and why is it taking money out of my paycheck? Good question. Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) is the money you contribute to pay Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid recipients.

It is 7.65% of your wages each year up to a limit. Your employer matches that 7.65% plus pays an additional tax for unemployment, Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA). The state collects additional taxes for this benefit. Your FICA payments make you eligible to receive retirement benefits when you retire. No, it doesn't go into an account for you to draw on when you do retire. It pays current recipients their benefits. Future wage earners will pay yours when you retire.

President Trump has said on TV that he has signed an Executive Order suspending the collection of the Payroll Taxes (FICA and FUTA) until the end of the year. I guess they will have to be paid then. He also said if he is reelected, he will try to get them eliminated completely.

What that means is, no more Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid for all Americans. Back to the old days when the Robber Barons ruled. You better hope you are in the class of rich folks or have great kids to take care of you.

What is strange is after Trump's 2017 tax cut for the rich and the corporations, then Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said it was now time to go after Social Security and Medicare. Why? Because they are big entitlement programs and the tax cuts are projected to cost the government $1.9 trillion over the next 10 years.

Looks like Trump is trying to implement the Paul Ryan plan. Let the serfs pay for it.

Just another example of some of the "good" things Trump has done for the country, along with reducing regulations on clean air, water, and environment.

If Trump is representative of the Republican party as it has become, how can any common wage earning person even consider voting for them. Well, propaganda does work, doesn't it.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria


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