Governor Andrew Cuomo vs. Pepé Le Pew

There are many similarities between Governor Cuomo and Pepé Le Pew. Both are from an older generation that thinks much differently than today. Both are great lovers of women. Both like to hug, the governor says he hugs everyone, men and women. Both seem to give off a foul odor that many women are offended by. This is understandable because Pepé is a skunk, and the governor is an attorney and a politician.

There are some differences, Pepé Le Pew is a little older than Governor Cuomo, Le Pew was born in 1945, and the governor in 1957. The governor is a real human being, and Pepé is a cartoon skunk.

The pussycat is always trying to get away from Pepé, yet no matter how many times he's rejected he never stops trying. This is understandable, Pepé thinks the pussycat is a skunk, because she has a white stripe down her back.

No mistake for Governor Cuomo, he must know young girls can only be hugged by their father, and not their grandfathers, or old men they don't know. This was never acceptable behavior. I think in the old days it was called "copping a feel".

Well, where are we now? Pepé Le Pew is a cartoon character and he lost his job. Andrew Cuomo's behavior could be judged the same as Le Pew. The entire thing is really Looney Tunes.

Cary de Grosa


Mask and vaccine mandate

Why is there such a big argument over the the mandating of masks and vaccines? It is not a new concept, mandating requirements or making laws for the health and safety of individuals and community has been policy for a long time.

We have found the benefit of vaccines for polio and other illnesses, and require the same of children going to school and adults entering the military. We have found limiting the purchase of tobacco and alcohol to adults to the benefit children. Driver's licenses to a minimum age of 16 has also proved valuable. Making DUI against the law.

Then why not in the current health crisis limit attendance size at events, entry in stores, admittance on planes, trains, and other crowded conveyances to only those who are masked and/or vaccinated.

Consider requiring vaccines and/or masks for returning to school. Everyone would be protected. Wouldn't you prefer your child to be in a safe environment. If the choice is left to individual parents, the health of all children is threatened by the parents choosing to not protect their children. This would leave the choice of your children's health to the decision of other parents. Does that seem right?

Most of our laws in this country have been based on protecting the individual's rights. In doing so they have, for the most part, also looked at ensuring that protecting one's right will not infringe on another's rights. You think it is your right to drive recklessly, but that infringes on my right to drive safely on the road, and is therefore unacceptable. Reckless driving has been outlawed.

Likewise, your desire not to be vaccinated or wear a mask unfortunately infringes on my right to a safe outing and maintaining my health, and should not be allowed.

Masks and vaccines work to protect you and me. Preserve your right to a healthy, long life, and do the same for me. We are neighbors and it is to both our benefits.

Jim Welch

Santa Maria



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