Fireworks enforcement needed

Each year that we have lived in Santa Maria we have seen the illegal fireworks in Santa Maria explode (pun intended) in quantity, bursting into the skies over our town with huge explosions for the gratification of the adult children in our midst.

These people who explode these illegal fireworks each year don't have the common sense and decency to take their neighbors and other residents and their pets of this city into consideration. Our police department seems to have their hands tied as they only wrote 10 citations for $1,000 each on Saturday and then only two on Sunday.

Any reasonable person could have written at least 60 or 70 citations both of these days. Otherwise, how are we going to protect the lives and property and enforce our laws in Santa Maria? Our city fathers need to take stiff action and instruct the police department to actively enforce the laws regarding illegal fireworks in our town.

Each year the illegal fireworks continue on for weeks and weeks after the 4th. It's time to bring the laws to bear on the people who are destroying our peace and quiet and threatening our homes.

Gene Corbin

Santa Maria

Residents should have say in water lawsuit

Santa Barbara County owns the state water pipeline in this county.

It owns the water pumped through and you can expect no delivery as the drought extends.

The payments to the County are collected by the Central Coast Water Authority.

The Authority collects pipeline mortgage and water payments from the water districts and cities that belong to CCWA. The County’s portion of the pipeline will be paid off next year.

The wisdom of the County is correct in that any water from the state (Department of Water Resources) and any other water wheeled through the pipeline must be first offered to CCWA members. There are other conditions but this is the essence of the County mandate to CCWA.

So CCWA sues the County.

The ratepayer will be paying both sides.

For example, a Solvang ratepayer’s water bill has a base cost for a single family residence of $75.43 most of which goes to CCWA for the pipeline mortgage.

Our property and sales tax goes to the County. The County gives a small portion of the sales tax back to Solvang.

We, the ratepayers, never had a say whether this lawsuit should go forward. Why?

Fred Kovol


Why get vaccinated? Follow the money

I saw something last night on the TV news that I never thought about. For over a year we see and hear about all the people that have become sick and died from the COVID-19. Yet, we never hear about the cost of the virus.

What are the hospital and doctor costs if you get sick from COVID-19? According to this news report, it can cost as little as a few hundred dollars to well over $100,000. It all depends how sick you get.

All the concern over what's in the vaccine is crazy. What could be in it that would hurt us anymore than getting COVID-19? Chris Rock was asked if something bad could be in the vaccine. He replied, "I don't know what's in Fruit Loops, but I eat 'em".

We get shots of vaccine from the day we are born. In school we got vaccine shots all the time. I remember boot camp, they would line us up and use air guns to shoot vaccines in us as we walked past the medics, three on each side. In the old days to travel out of the country we needed vaccine shots to get back in.

Not enough is said about the cost of getting COVID-19. Instead of lotteries giving away money, more talk should be about losing money. I can't see why we don't get vaccinated. It will save our health, life, and save us money. The bottom line is without the vaccine you could end up sick and broke, or ... dead broke.

Cary De Grosa



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