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Letters to the Editor: Election lost primarily on lack of respect; The election kings

Letters to the Editor: Election lost primarily on lack of respect; The election kings

Election lost primarily on lack of respect

Several months ago I wrote expressing my opinion that the COVID-19 epidemic presented President Trump with an opportunity to demonstrate leadership in coping with a national crisis the likes of which few of his predecessors have dealt with, and which some have handled in a way that has elevated their stature to that of greatness. I also predicted that his reelection was dependent on his handling of this emergency.

Nearly a year has elapsed since the onset of the disease and it has shown no sign of abating. Its resurgence is not because Trump's policy has failed but because there is, essentially, no national policy. Rather than demonstrate the leadership expected of a Commander in Chief, President Trump has, like Pontius Pilate, washed his hands of responsibility and has left it to states and local communities to deal with or, in some cases, not deal with.

Failure to accept the challenge presented to him by the COVID-19 virus is not, however, why Donald Trump lost the 2020 election. Challenger Biden's margin of victory was razor thin in many states and his party actually lost ground in congressional races and in some state legislatures.

Joe Biden was not elected because of a nationwide endorsement of his policies or because of his many years of government experience. Joe Biden is President because, unlike his opponent, he is a nice man. Donald Trump did no lose the election just because he is not a nice man. We have tolerated Presidents who have not been particularly likeable or personable. Donald Trump was not reelected because, in my humble opinion, he is a despicable human being and not someone most of us want representing our country.

Robert Hoffman

Santa Maria

The election kings

The Democrats want everyone to believe they’re the arbiters of all elections, but they’re not, and this one won’t be over until all votes are counted and all the legal challenges are resolved by the courts and the Congress. When that happens don’t be surprised if the election is overturned.

However, this is not just about Trump’s election, it’s about the integrity of all future elections. Jumping the the gun to prematurely declare the winner simply enhances the liberal goal of inflaming deep divisions to create chaos in America.

Democrats keep trying to convince us that America’s a democracy but it’s not, it’s a republic. However, they know that if they can persuade enough people into believing it’s a democracy they can create a purely socialist country with the goal to make all citizens dependent on the state and ensure that only progressives are allowed to run it.

Sal Alinsky told followers to invoke principles like free speech and equality, but once in power to ignore those principles. He said, “Power rules. If you have power you have control”, and the so-called progressives have taken this to heart. 

Fortunately, some Democrats don’t buy into this radical agenda. Some are already questioning a radical party line.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles


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