Election fraud obscured by mainstream media

Law suits are being filed against multiple swing states for election fraud during the election. For those who watch or read the mainstream media you have been told there is no evidence and the fraud claim is “baseless.”

Notice how the 98% media (CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, AP, NY Times, LA Times etc) tell us we must believe them and take their word there is no fraud. This is a planned tactic. The purpose of endlessly repeating the “baseless” claim is to yell this disinformation over and over again until people believe it as lemmings will do. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.

The biggest manipulators are the 24-7 talking heads at CNN, MSNBC. Why is it disinformation? Simple, take the time, get off social media, and make the effort to do some research of your own. Look past the liberal garbage and search for the state congressional election hearings that occurred in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona and watch the testimony presented.

The evidence is amazing and there is lots of it. Tens of thousands of dead people came back to life and voted for Biden. They do not check for ballot signature matches and have no idea who voted. Many voting districts cast more ballots than registered voters. There are a thousand affidavits sworn under oath from poll workers who witnessed illegal actions. It goes on and on.

The claim that “voter fraud is baseless” is the real fraud by the media. They are lying to us. Is there enough fraud to change the election? Likely. The evidence shows it’s widespread and Trump may have actually won. The only way to maintain election integrity is review every vote and count only those cast by legally registered voters.

Democrats and liberals don’t care if illegal votes were cast and do not care if the election was rigged or fraudulent. They state they want every vote counted even if illegal. Why? Because they only care about defeating Trump at any cost. I ask the honest people what are you going to do about this?

Jeff Bensen


Where’s the evidence?

Everyone suspected Democrats would try to steal the election. Once accused, however, they shout from the rooftops, “Where’s the evidence? Where’s the evidence!?” and we automatically know their outrage is merely an attempt to shut down the debate.

As early as last spring Democrat officials started talking about staging a coup to get rid of President Trump even if he won the election. Over the summer Michael Anton, author of “The Coming Coup” said, “Democrats are laying the groundwork for revolution right in front of our eyes.”

“Over the summer it was leaked to the press that 100 Democrat leaders, anti-Trump Republicans and ‘ruling-class apparatchiks’ met to lay out various solutions…. Even if it might seem as if Trump won, since not all the ballots have been counted yet, they’ll produce enough harvested ballots–lawfully or not — to tip close states, no matter what the tally says.”

Instead of insisting there’s no evidence, why don’t the Democrats prove there is none? Simply because they can’t. After Trump was elected they spent three years and $35 million taxpayer dollars searching for evidence, and now, in spite of multiple cases of unsolicited ballots, hand-picked poll workers who kicked out their watchers, early poll closures, deleted votes, mismatched signatures, and some 900,000 late votes all for Biden, they immediately cry 'Biden won,' and Biden starts calling himself ‘President-Elect’, an office which doesn’t even exist.

Some voters already regret voting for Biden, others say it will take another Civil War to rid ourselves of this Great Blue Wave of Fraud and Treason. However, given some time and some unbiased judges, the truth will eventually come out.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

Thinking about true meaning of Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner I pray that people will think about the true meaning of this holy holiday. We need God in our lives now more than ever.

I pray especially for our children. Technology is a wonderful thing but it cannot replace the human brain, which we must use to make wise decisions and choices in our lives.

A stanza from an old Christmas carol says it all: God is not dead nor does he sleep. The wrong shall fail, right will prevail, with PEACE ON EARTH good will to men.

Ollie M. Kirby

Santa Maria


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