Don’t waste your vote

I admit to being a TV news junkie but I've had it with all the mud-slinging and false statements we are hearing from 2020 candidates.

Have you heard one constructive intelligent promise that you won’t be taxed so illegal immigrants will get all the benefits? Have you heard how jobs will be available, how your health insurance won’t cost you? Are you ready to pass your pay check over to them?

All you hear from Democrats is impeach President Trump. I guess when one loses an election they thought they had in the bag, they start losing perspective on what this nation truly wants and needs.

I'm not here to tell you how to vote. Only you decide what you want. Don't waste your vote on half-brain ideas being spouted to get your vote. Use the brain you have cultivated over your adult years.

Anita Dwyer


End climate change madness

For those of us who understand that all the global warming hysteria is nothing more than another liberal circus, the recent climate strike is the last straw. Even some Democrats have admitted that the whole thing’s not about climate at all, it’s about controlling the economy, discrediting the president and transforming the culture.

These people have been feeding our kids a steady diet of climate change propaganda that says if everyone doesn’t stop using cars, trains, airplanes, raising cows and eating burgers, we’re all gonna die, until now there’s such an epidemic of eco-anxiety among young people that little Democrat subcommittees are holding hearings with witnesses on childhood stresses caused by climate change.

Some kids have joined a Canadian teen’s pledge, saying “Why go to school? We believe there’s no point in going to school if we’re not going to have a future to live in.” Some 1,200 others have signed a petition not to have children because of the threat of global warming. Youngsters like this haven’t experienced enough to understand they are simply being used, so it’s no mistake that to them the only solution is sustainable power, or technocracy.

They don’t realize that of the 41 Doomsday predictions over the ages not one of them has come true, or that the constant threat of global warming at the hands of sociopathic liberal politicians is as twisted as any other form of child abuse. They don’t understand that these Democrat leaders are nothing but immature, insecure, spoiled, Orange Man Bad children themselves who’ve been so busy polluting, corrupting, destroying and making a mockery of everything American they can’t be trusted with anything, much less our children’s lives.

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It’s time to end the climate change madness. Enough is enough.

Larry Bargenquast

Paso Robles

Feds pushing oil on local lands

Federal lands in Santa Barbara County are soon up for lease to oil companies for drilling and extraction processes. As our County strives to reduce the water, land, and air impacts of extreme oil drilling in County controlled areas, the feds rush to push drilling on our federal lands.

Federal agencies are greasing the regulatory skids to cram big new oil development down our throats. Soon the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will approve hastily prepared EIS (environmental impact statements), allowing oil drilling and fracking above Nojoqui Falls, Drum Canyon, Los Padres National Forest, and the Lake Cachuma headwaters leading to our drinking water aquifers.

A U.S. Geological Survey report, published in September’s “Environmental Geosciences”, confirms the polluting impacts on Central Coast groundwater aquifers from cyclic steam injection, waste water injection, and other high intensity oil extraction processes.

Elections are coming. Ask your local and federal elected leaders how they’ll stop this impending rape of our water, land, air, and climate.

Our kids strive to protect our climate by urging us to slash fossil fuel use. What do we tell them in 20 years as they struggle to cope with a burning planet?

Larry Bishop


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