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Letters to the Editor: Deceiving with lies, omission of facts; Planned Parenthood self-examination refreshing

Letters to the Editor: Deceiving with lies, omission of facts; Planned Parenthood self-examination refreshing

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Deceiving with lies, omission of facts

Democrats are not heroes. They are deceiving the American people with lies and omission of facts.

Their virus relief bill is their attempt to show the American people they have done “something” this election period rather than the blank slate they now carry. It is a thinly veiled attempt to buy votes.

Joe Biden has little to show for his 40 years in politics. His record is spotty at best and if it were not for a sympathetic and biased media, he would have been dropped from the ticket months ago. More than 50% of Americans think he is in the first stages of dementia.

If you read some of the things, he has said this year that belief is not unfounded. Yet the Democrats are going to run him anyway. And their support for defunding the police and praising Black Lives Matter is insane. Do not take my word for it but check out the founders of BLM. You will find their goal has nothing to do with helping Black Americans. It is to overthrow the government of the USA.

Democrats cannot argue with results, so they name call and lie. Democrat Schiff “I have proof Trump colluded with the Russians.” Where is the proof? Trump’s a racist because he wants to secure our borders. He is a crook because he will not release his tax returns. He is un-presidential. Blah! Blah! Blah!

He is done more for minority employment in the four years he has been in office than any president before. A fact! But to Democrats and liberals he must be a racist for that because he is letting all those minorities work for a living rather than be dependent upon them and their failed programs.

 Samantha Romero

Santa Maria

Planned Parenthood self-examination refreshing

I was glad to see the editorial written by Jenna Tosh, in which she discusses how the Central Coast Planned Parenthood is looking into its past history as it confronts the political, health, and social issues of Santa Maria.

Last week, the Santa Maria Times published several guest commentaries written by writers whose opinions missed the mark. For example, the editorial written by Kathryn Jean Lopez of the National Review opens with a statement that suggests that the Devil is at the heart of the drug, murder, and suicide problems that she claims plague the United States.

Later in her commentary, she denigrates Planned Parenthood, an organization whose purpose is to provide health care service and education so people’s lives can be better. They provide health care for both men and women, patient education, health exams, and other services necessary to our population.

Kathryn Lopez’s editorial is just one example of how facts get distorted and false information is spread. It is refreshing to see Planned Parenthood looking at its history; exploring the facts of its past to understand where the organization came from and how to resolve these issues so that it can better serve the public of today and the future.

Cliff Solomon

Santa Maria



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