Cunningham there when you need him

As the Executive Director of Fighting Back Santa Maria Valley (FBSMV), I don’t do political endorsements. I let the process occur and the candidates speak for themselves. I am passionate about some issues and speak up about those concerns but stay out of the elections.

That being said, now that the voters have spoken, I do want to mention that I have appreciated State Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham as my state representative. He and his staff have regularly checked in with me as to the needs of Santa Maria. For example, FBSMV let Assemblyman Cunningham know that an important funding source was not included in the governor’s budget. This was the California Violence Intervention and Prevention Grant. Cunningham worked hard with others to get an amendment before the budget committee. He invited me and others from the community to speak before the budget committee, which I did, and the program was put back in the budget.

I have found Cunningham to be accessible and responsive to any of my concerns. This is whether I am calling on behalf of FBSMV or as a citizen. I am doubly impressed with this knowing that he is the dad of small children and a husband. Also, that there is no easy way to get to Sacramento so that he has to commute back and forth.

I am thankful that Jordan Cunningham is our state Assemblyman and hope that you get a chance to give him a call if you have concerns or suggestions for our state government. I think you will learn what I have, he is there when you need him.

Edwin Weaver, MSW MA

Executive Director FBSMV

State bill requiring tax records a sham

In the first week of May the California State Senate approved Senate Bill 27, which requires any presidential candidate to supply to the state five years of tax records in order to have their name appear on the California primary ballot for the U.S. Presidential election in 2020.

The bill was approved on a 27-10 vote, strictly and completely along partisan lines. It is my opinion that California Senate Democrats apparently have no respect for the Constitution of the United States and have committed the worst type of political hackery possible in sending this bill to the State Assembly, also controlled by Democrats.

Of course, the Senate Democrats enacted this bill in an attempt to keep Donald Trump from being voted for on the presidential primary ballot in California, since Trump has refused to submit his tax returns for review.

Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a similar bill in 2017 out of concern that this bill is un-constitutional. As citizens we should all agree with this decision, and for good reason.

Whether you like or dislike Trump, whether you love or hate Trump, or are indifferent to him is not the issue. Whether you are an Independent, Democrat, Republican, or a member of another political party should not matter here. Whether you would like to have knowledge of the income of a candidate, learn how they earn their money, or know how much they paid in taxes is not the issue either.

The issue is whether a state legislature should be able to control which candidates can appear on a ballot through legislative chicanery. For state legislators to think they can find a way to thwart the democratic vote of citizens in order to ensure that their team win an election is a total disgrace.

The simple fact is that Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution requires that three substantiated facts exist for a candidate to be elected to serve as president: 1) One must be a natural born citizen of the United States; 2) be at least 35 years of age; 3) be a resident of the United States for at least 14 years.

Democratic party controlled states have now enacted these types of dis-qualifying laws in 18 states. Any attempt by a state legislature to determine their preferred candidate for a national office, regardless of which party controls that state, by passing laws which restrict an individual from being on a ballot is a sham every citizen should protest against.

If the State Assembly passes this bill and if the governor signs it we will have proof of just how corrupt our state politicians really are.

Jim Bull

Santa Maria

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