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Cunningham should research sanctuary cities

On Aug. 15 Jordan Cunningham visited Lompoc for a town hall meeting where he was asked about his position on sanctuary cities? That day, and on televised news Aug. 29, Cunningham stated that he does not support sanctuary cities. His reason: it is better to work with ICE who will deport criminal immigrants in custody thus preventing ICE searching the fields (for illegals).

This is insulting and suggests ICE has a quota for deportations. Not true. During the 1980’s some churches and cities offered sanctuary to immigrants fleeing wars in Latin America. Many police departments rely on the benefits of sanctuary policies for tips about crime. When local police also act as ICE officials the community loses trust and it becomes harder for local police to investigate crimes because witnesses and victims won’t help investigators when they fear deportation.

Jordan Cunningham needs to do more research on the benefits communities gain from sanctuary status.

Catherine Borgard


Repealing the 2009 appointment protocol

Solvang City Council member Hans Duus resigned on Aug. 28 after completing less than a year of his 4-year term.

The City of Solvang faces many new politically sensitive, fiscal and economic challenges related to non-discretionary items such as federal and state unfunded mandates, CalPERs unfunded liabilities, and required infrastructure investments.

Solving these difficult budget issues requires a highly qualified candidate with the proven expertise to lead the development of new diversified revenue streams and judiciously manage costs. The Solvang City Council, should therefore exercise deliberative prudence and careful consideration in appointing the best possible candidate and repeal the ill-advised 2009 appointment protocol.

Repealing the current protocol in favor of a more democratic and transparent selection process will expand the pool of candidates and improve the likelihood of selecting the best candidate with the strongest professional expertise, experience and temperament to address and resolve the aforementioned challenges.

For example, my professional expertise is built on 25-plus years of experience as a CEO/CFO to SMEs, a corporate and investment banker, a private equity investor, a M&A business advisor and as a municipal advisor for Smart City projects and development of technology parks across Latin America.

Basically, I buy, finance and grow businesses and fund very large, city-wide projects. As such I am very familiar with municipal budgeting, portfolio and CapEx investments, operations management and GAAP/IFRS accounting practices. I hold an MABE (UCSB) in financial economics and a BBA (Baylor) in both finance and economics (double major) where my focus was in quantitative economics, financial modeling and forecasting and accounting systems.

Many civic minded residents would greatly appreciate the opportunity to voice their opinions in the appointment process. And it gives me the opportunity to submit my candidacy for appointment and to publicly serve the city that I have called home for more than 50 years.

Replacing the 2009 appointment protocol with a more competitive, democratic and transparent process will restore constituent passion and faith in the City Council, and it will encourage the best and brightest to participate in public service and local government. Who doesn’t want that?

Chris Djernaes