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Letters to the Editor: Cunningham an independent leader; What are 'Central Coast Values?'; We are at a crossroads

Letters to the Editor: Cunningham an independent leader; What are 'Central Coast Values?'; We are at a crossroads

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Cunningham an independent leader

Everybody in my house is voting for Jordan Cunningham. Throughout his time in office, he has shown to be a thoughtful, independent leader not afraid to cross the aisle to take on our community’s most pressing issues. He’s taken on Big Tobacco and Big Tech to protect our kids, and has been a strong voice for our local small business community as it faces total extinction.

We don’t need another partisan in Sacramento. We need more independent leaders like Cunningham who put our community above petty politics.

John Texeira

Paso Robles

What are 'Central Coast Values?'

Is it standing up for your community, regardless of political party? Is it putting the best interest of our children above Sacramento special interests, regardless of political consequences? Is it fighting for the voiceless, and taking a stand on critical moral issues? Or is it protecting our region’s greatest assets, like our beautiful coastline and national monuments, from oil drilling in the face of major backlash from the energy industry?

If that’s what “Central Coast Values” are, then Jordan Cunningham has them in spades. Jordan is a great representative of the Central Coast, and puts our values into practice as our Assemblyman each and every day. He is worthy of our vote and support.

Eva Fry

Santa Maria

We are at a crossroads

We are at a crucial time in the history of our nation. The ideals we believe in are threatened as never before, and we can lose what our Founding Fathers gave their all for. It is that serious.

Democracy is an experiment, an idea, a way of life. For others, in many countries, it is still a dream. They look to us to see if this way of life, this freedom to be all we can be, can endure.

It will only continue if we are all willing to get involved and make it happen.

We need to examine and reexamine our values. What do we really stand for? Not just words, but in our hearts.

When we hear that which we know in our hearts is untrue, we must stand up to those lies and speak our truth. When we see injustice and bigotry, we must call them by their rightful names and when we hear that a deadly virus will just go away and that our leading medical professionals and scientists don't know what they are talking about, then it is past time for action.

Simple, but important, things we can all do even during a pandemic:

1) Study the candidates for the coming election and ask ourselves is this who I want to represent my country?

  • Do these people have integrity, have they proven their honesty? Do they show respect for others?
  • Will they do the job for which they are elected or will they neglect their obligations because of self interests?
  • Are they interested in our future or are they only interested in power for themselves, can they be trusted? Do they care about our nation?

2) Talk it up with our families, friends and neighbors; listen.

3) Register to vote, and help others to vote also; voting is your most powerful tool in a democracy, it is your voice.

4) Write letters to the editor of the local papers. Be creative and get involved in any way that is your way.

5) Pray. People of all faiths or no faith can send positive energy out into the world, and it matters.

We are all needed. Let's make this the best country we can imagine, one we want to pass on to our children and grandchildren, and future generations.

We are the custodians of freedom and democracy. Let us not fail in this privilege and responsibility.

Eileen Ramos



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