County should rethink Los Alamos housing project

Los Alamos is a small unincorporated town. We don’t have our own elected government. We depend on County officials. We pay property taxes just like other county residents, and expect fair and responsive treatment by these agencies.

Recently, however, a planning and development issue has come to the fore after laying dormant for about two decades. Back then, the county ceded all responsibility for the maintenance of a two-block stretch of road here. We didn’t ask for it. They placed financial responsibility for road upkeep entirely in the laps of the adjoining homeowners.

While 18 homeowners pay annual dues for these repairs, we are more than welcoming to pedestrians, joggers, bike riders and dog walkers from all parts of town. All may enjoy this quiet and safe neighborhood.

Today, the county is moving ahead with a developer’s profitable plan that would add as many as 11 new homes on an adjoining acre-and-a-half lot. The county has granted him the right of access to our private road. A county permit for his lot plan would greatly increase traffic here. It would raise the risks of accident and injury, reduce the safe and peaceful enjoyment of the road by us and our neighbors in town, and result in higher costs to us for road maintenance.

It may be that the county is able to do this within existing zoning and planning rules. But it is not the right or smart thing to do; there is another road that could provide access for the developer. Planners ought to steer the outcome in this sound and responsible direction.

Instead, they first ignored a one-lane bottleneck. Then they tried to minimize its risks to safety because acknowledging it would complicate their aim to push forward with an ill-considered plan.

It seems to many here that county bureaucrats have been rigid, programmatic, occasionally arrogant and obfuscatory. Isn’t it time for a reappraisal and a sensible result?

Seth Steiner

Los Alamos

President, Shaw Street Maintenance Association

Stop extracting oil from the ground

We need to stop extracting oil out of the ground. It needs to stay in the ground so that we can use it for more important things hundreds of years into the future. We also need to put solar panels on our rooftops and power our electric cars with that excess electricity we generate.

The first step is to not invest in destructive behaviors such as oil and methane extraction, so that we can invest in neutral behaviors. Only then, will we be able to reconstruct and rebuild all of the damaged ecosystems throughout this great earth.

James Roberts


New look, same shtick

This past Sunday afternoon we got Donald Trump's greatest hits with a new face, new hair, new duds, and a new word, "Trumpism", but it was the same old shtick.

Trump gave a speech at the CPAC convention on Sunday. He went on for over two hours, and he recapped all the great stuff we heard for the last four years.

He looked great, no more greasy hair, it was beautifully quaffed without one hair out of place. His face was pink, no wrinkles or lines, and smooth as a newborn baby, he looked 10 years younger. Perfect makeup, dressed impeccably, a new blue suit that fit perfectly, a white shirt and a red tie, he was red, white and blue, just like our flag.

This was the first time we heard from him in three months, and I was looking forward to hearing what he had to say. In the early years he was always entertaining and I think it's why so many people were attracted to him. At first, he made running the country and being President look easy. His presidency started on a high water mark, and he rode the wave for the first three years.

However, once he was challenged by the COVID-19 virus he fell apart. He still hasn't recovered, he's living on his past glories, whatever they were. For all his time on stage, he never spoke about a vision for our country, or how we can work together to make America great again.

If you missed any of the speech, he touched on three things: America is a corrupt third-world country; President Biden and the Democratic Party are hateful people that will turn our country into a pile of rubbish; Donald Trump and the Republicans are the only ones that can be trusted to run our country, and he is the greatest President in American history.

"It's deja vu, all over again." - Yogi Berra 1953

Cary De Grosa



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