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County should enforce requirements on pot farms

On Oct. 17 I attended a meeting hosted by the Santa Barbara County Planning Department concerning the preliminary environmental impact report (PEIR) for cannabis production in Santa Barbara County.

As part of the presentation it was indicated that currently all growing of pot in Santa Barbara County is prohibited. The PEIR and presenters acknowledged that there are at least 30 pot farms in the Tepusquet Canyon area. They have been established without any permits or inspections and are in violation, not only of the current prohibition against growing but also with no permits for grading, well drilling or structure erection.

How is it that the county enforces regulations on the residents of Tepusquet Canyon when we want to build a structure or do some grading, but totally ignores the blatant and dangerous development by the pot growers?

They are using bulldozers to grade roads and pads, erecting structures for growing pot and drilling wells for water, all without any permits or inspections by the county. This is unconscionable and unacceptable.

In addition, the county Sheriff refuses to enforce the current prohibition against growing pot in Santa Barbara County. I urge your readers who want the laws and regulations enforced equally to contact their supervisor to do their job and have these illegal operations shut down.

Gary Lange

Santa Maria

Majority rules, so who's to blame?

I find it amusing to read about how the liberals and Democrats are "obstructing" the passage of legislation in our Congress. Fact, right now the Republicans control all three branches of the federal government.

It wasn't that long ago that the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the Democrats the Presidency. What happened during the years 2010 to 2016 when Obama was President and Republicans had the House and Senate? The Republicans became the party of "no" whenever any legislation proposed by any Democrat came up. I guess these authors have a short memory or are just in denial.

What goes around, comes around and the Republicans taught the Democrats well. Only problem, the Democrats don't control any branch of the federal government so they can't "obstruct" they can only "not cooperate," which they are doing.

This leaves the dysfunctional Republican Congress and Presidency dumbfounded. So, in an attempt to deflect their inadequacies, they look for someone to blame. Any idiot knows that the majority rules, so who is actually to blame?

Therefore, until 2018 elections come around and the American people wake up and vote into office representatives that will work for them and not for themselves, we will struggle along hoping and praying our federal government won't cause us irreparable harm.

Stan Novara

Santa Maria