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Letters to the Editor: Cannabis vote praised in Tepusquet

Letters to the Editor: Cannabis vote praised in Tepusquet

Cannabis vote praised in Tepusquet

County supervisors just voted to ban commercial cannabis in Existing Developed Rural Neighborhoods (EDRNs). This validates three years of work by residents of Tepusquet and Cebada Canyon EDRNs. We are incredibly relieved to see our interests in preservation of our family neighborhoods prevail.

In Tepusquet, 85 community members either wrote letters to the Board, spoke during public comment, or otherwise signified their support of the ban. We were joined in this effort by 40 some individuals from Cebada Canyon.

Cannabis operators have brought this upon themselves.

They moved into our quiet rural residential zones, bringing overwhelming traffic, constant noise from generators, and crime. The traffic, 2,000 gallon water tankers, 2,500 gallon fuel trucks, and heavy equipment deliveries night and day was characterized by vehicles going too fast for conditions on our narrow roads. Photographs taken in both Tepusquet and Cebada by residents clearly show the unsafe traffic with semi-trailers too large for our roads, belly-up tankers in ditches, and rental trucks taking up the entire roadway.

At Tuesday’s meeting, cannabis interests rolled out their big guns threatening lawsuits and making an attempt to force Supervisor Joan Hartmann to recuse herself from the vote. Supervisor Hartmann had proposed the ban and was the critical vote.

Residents of Tepusquet and Cebada faced down the cannabis industry and won.

We did this with citizen action. We don’t have the financial resources of the growers but we have committed families who are tired of seeing their lovely rural neighborhoods taken over by greedy individuals who don’t live here but are making millions by destroying our environment.

Lil Clary

Tepusquet Canyon


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