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Letters to the Editor: Caldwell merits a vote for Congress; Vote to send Andy Caldwell to DC; Mother is not always right; Cunningham is what Central Coast needs

Letters to the Editor: Caldwell merits a vote for Congress; Vote to send Andy Caldwell to DC; Mother is not always right; Cunningham is what Central Coast needs

Caldwell merits a vote for Congress

Among the rioters attacking U.S. cities are radical ideologues who want to destroy our country and our Constitution. They seek to clear the way for their imagined collectivist paradise, an all-powerful central government that would turn out like the Soviet Union, Communist China, and Venezuela, to be a tyrannical communist dictatorship that would crush our freedoms.

Voters in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and Ventura counties can take a crucial step to preserve the rule of law and our freedoms by sending Andy Caldwell to Congress to replace incumbent Democrat Salud Carbajal.

The national Democrat platform pledges to “reimagine public safety” and end cash bail, letting some arrested malefactors right back on the streets to continue their lawlessness. The party convention refused to utter any condemnation of mob violence. Kamala Harris, later the party’s vice-presidential candidate, even solicited funds online to help bail out Minnesota rioters.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden first said he wanted to “redirect” funding away from police, but flip-flopped after negative polling and made a weak statement against defunding. Carbajal also opposes defunding now, but radical Democrats continue to push the party left. “The fight to defund policing continues,” says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Who knows what would happen if Biden and Carbajal win?

There’s no doubt about Andy Caldwell’s repeated, rock-solid commitment to strong law enforcement. The deputy sheriffs’ associations of all three counties in his congressional district have endorsed him. House Republican candidates like Caldwell have pledged to increase police funding by $1.75 billion for better training and 500,000 body cameras.

Caldwell knows that we must have law and order to assure we can exercise our liberties. As a longtime government and fiscal watchdog, he supports our free enterprise system, tax and regulation cuts, and fundamental rights, such as free speech, religious freedom, defense of the unborn, and the Second Amendment.

For freedom-loving patriots, Caldwell merits a vote for Congress.

Hunter T. Jameson

Santa Maria

Vote to send Andy Caldwell to DC

Being a citizen and tax-payer in SB County, I have several reasons for not voting for Congressman Salud Carbajal.

First, he is the architect of our Frankensteinian 3rd District boundaries, established during the 2010 redistricting. This map was created to ensure the UCSB and Isla Vista socialists continued to block any conservative thought or desires from becoming law in the 3rd. From Guadalupe in the north, down to the area that should be in Santa Barbara’s 2nd District, west side of Santa Barbara, west Goleta and the Gaviota Coast. It is after all, UC@Santa Barbara. We in the 3rd District do not understand why students should be the deciding factor in our destiny. Twenty thousand votes usually go to liberal government representatives. Our 3rd District looks like a gerrymandered nightmare with elephantiasis!

Second, Salud has ditched debates with his opponent, Andy Caldwell. Will he show up for the upcoming debate on KEYT, Oct. 17? He says he has COVID. Zoom it in, Congressman!

Third, Nancy Pelosi and the “squad” have captured Carbajal’s allegiance and he follows in their footsteps: “Impeach Trump” they cried and Salud joined in the chorus.

Fourth, the incumbent voted to defund our police, just when we are being looted, burned out and threatened. Great timing Congressman! Without law, there is no order.

Vote to send Andy Caldwell to DC, (AC to DC). Ignite intellectual electricity in a dead congressional battery. Jumpstart a needed conservative government. The House will be alive. Imagine the power of that!

Suzanne Petersen


Mother is not always right

Mothers Against Drunk Driving is all over TV day and night in a giant blitz of ads in support of Proposition 22.

To me the simple explanation of Prop. 22 is the state of California wants to re-classify ride-sharing drivers as employees rather than independent contractors. With yes on Prop. 22, the drivers will remain independent contractors, thereby avoiding many of the regulations and taxes that are paid by employers and employees.

The yes argument made by MADD is that the more ride-sharing we have, the less people will drive drunk. Could be true, but Prop. 22 people get a big boost having MADD on their side, and the Mothers get a lot of face time to push their agenda. This move is a classic "quid pro quo" and why we get bad laws.

Do the Mothers really believe we don't have enough buses, taxis, subways and trams for drunks to get home? Prop. 22 should be argued on its merits, not on some weird reasoning that more ride-sharing will mean less drunk driving.

Why is MADD getting involved in a simple accounting issue? Are the Mothers paying for all this expensive advertising? Are the pro Prop. 22 people paying for the ads and paying MADD for doing the ads?

Either way, it's dubious what MADD is doing. And who needs a dubious Mother?

Cary De Grosa


Cunningham is what Central Coast needs

I am proud to be voting for Jordan Cunningham for Assembly. As a small business owner, he understands what our local economy needs to rebound out of COVID. As our local legislator, Cunningham fought to secure critical personal protective equipment for local hospitals, doctors, nurses and dentists at the height of the PPE shortage, providing our medical community with the resources they need to provide the best care possible to their patients.

As a father, he has always prioritized our state’s public education system, and led the charge to ensure that our schools received their full funding allocation under Prop. 98.

In the Assembly, Jordan has shown that he has the necessary skills to build a strong economy and I’m convinced he’s the best person to energize the Central Coast’s economy. An economy that will foster community growth and create a more prosperous Central Coast for all.

Jordan is the type of thoughtful leader the Central Coast needs and deserves. I am proud to support him.

Mick Meiselman

San Luis Obispo


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