Letters to the Editor: Bill Ostrander on ag policy; Take a chance, make a change; Vote yes on Prop. 6

Letters to the Editor: Bill Ostrander on ag policy; Take a chance, make a change; Vote yes on Prop. 6


Bill Ostrander on ag policy

I’m not going to debate climate change. Let’s do something about it by electing Bill Ostrander to the state Assembly.

Ostrander is a farmer, but he’s gone beyond that. He’s studied agriculture around the world, and found that agricultural methods can make a difference to greenhouse gases. Better soil care can actually sequester carbon dioxide. Along the way, better soil produces more nutritious food.

Healthier soil is also more resilient to extreme weather, the drought and flooding that are affecting California farmland more every year.

His “regenerative farming” approach can start reducing the greenhouse gases that are causing climate change. Smart, holistic practices, like composting food waste and turning it into valuable compost, enhancing the food system while making California’s most important industry, agriculture, stronger.

Regenerative farming increases biodiversity, another strength for agriculture and our food system.

What we need are more people like Bill Ostrander in office. Bill isn’t beholden to corporate donors or receiving money from obscurely named committees. What we need are more farmers in office and less politicians.

Ostrander will advocate for better, more resilient agriculture for California. I’m voting for him on Nov. 6.

Julia Stanert

San Simeon

Take a chance, make a change

Thirteen months ago I moved to Orcutt from Solvang. After growing up in Solvang, I went to Michigan for college, and moved home after college to work at my dad's business in Santa Maria while looking for a job in my field.

After moving to Orcutt, I got involved volunteering at the local United Way office in late September 2017, and it turned out to be the best choice I've made since choosing to go to Michigan. United Way chose to hire me full-time in December 2017, and since then, I've gotten a chance to see the non-profit world of Santa Maria and the change it makes every day.

This rapidly growing city has a huge number of non-profits and other great groups in which many local leaders take part. It's really amazing to see a community come together behind the scenes like Santa Maria does.

If you get the chance, volunteer in Santa Maria this year. You can even ask your workplace if they have a volunteer incentive program. Getting involved with heart work changed my life for the better, and I think that it can change many more. This a letter of encouragement, appreciation, and hope. There are so many great people in our community, and they have so much to offer that can change the future of this city and the people living in it. I've never lived in such a tight knit community as I do now, and I really hope to see even more people working to change Santa Maria for the better in the coming years.

As the great Kelly Clarkson once said, "Take a chance, make a change, and break away." I know it's a silly song to quote, but in all seriousness, you can change your life if you get involved with the right people doing something that makes you feel fulfilled. Visit the Chamber's website to see a list of all the local non-profits. santamaria.com/list/category/non-profit-community-178

Heather Kunkle


Vote yes on Prop. 6

On Nov. 1, 2017, the tax on California gas increased another 12.5 cents per gallon (20 for diesel) plus increased our auto registration fees — up to $175. Even this latest increase contains no gaurantee our money will go to roads. State senator and CPA John Moorlach released a stunning report, only 20 percent of existing gas tax goes to roads.

The Yes on Prop. 6 campaign qualified to be on the ballot with nearly a million signatures (nearly double what is required) and has an alternative solution to fixing roads without a tax hike. Yes on 6 would save a typical family of four more than $700 a year.

The Yes on 6 campaign has over 25,000 donors statewide and over 20,000 volunteers working throughout California. It is wise to research: Why has the opposition raised $28 million from big corporate donors including more than $3.9 million from out- of-state special interests to raise our taxes? This means the Yes on 6 campaign is being outspent 28-to-1.

Kitt Jenae



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