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Letters to the Editor: Biden, Harris give us a chance to heal

Letters to the Editor: Biden, Harris give us a chance to heal

Biden, Harris give us a chance to heal

I saw a truck with “TRUMP 2020 DEMOCRATS 4 PRISON" hand painted in white on the back windshield. I wondered, ”Why do Trump supporters want Democrats jailed?”

I have concluded Trump supporters are often gullible, mean, insensitive, angry talking, violence threatening, ignorant thinking, science denying, COVID-19 spreading, rude, and cruel people. (And some, I assume, are nice).

Look at video footage of Trump supporter interviews at his rallies. They believe and will do everything he says. Listen to their “lock him/her up” chants. Watch their fervent fealty and adulation of their President lying about his record, blaming others for his failures, hurling insults at his critics, falsely accusing rivals of crime, and inciting violence against anyone who disagrees with him.

Read Trump supporter op-eds in the Santa Maria Times. The writers are always parroting Trump’s angry complaints about media bias and they echo Trump’s attacks against his critics.

Attracting white racists, promoting right-wing conspiracists, encouraging gun toting voter intimidation and suppression, fabricating “alternate facts”, and friending domestic white terrorists that stoke hate and division is today’s Trump Republican Party.

When Trump begs, ”Suburban housewives, please like me. I saved your damn neighborhoods. OK. I don’t have time to be nice”, Trump supporters cheer and believe he is being Presidential. When Trump mocks and dismisses Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan for attempts to control and mitigate the pandemic, Trump supporters conspire to kidnap her. When immigrant children are taken from their parents at the border, Trump supporters are uncaring and silent. How scary is all of this?

I believe four more years of Trump will legitimize and unleash the worst among us and our country will remain divided. With Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we have a chance to heal as a nation. Vote!

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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