Letters to the Editor: Before you vote, meet your candidate; Restrictions at a draconian level

Letters to the Editor: Before you vote, meet your candidate; Restrictions at a draconian level


Before you vote, meet your candidate

Imagine my lack of surprise when I read the letter “Support elected Commander in Chief.” The writer is, unfortunately, of a type that often arises in national crises: gynephobic, xenophobic “patriots” like the amoral “dear leader” they so admire sooner than they laud those truly decent inhabitants of this great nation that survive in spite of them.

The patriotic rhetoric doesn’t mask the lack of concern for the sick and dying whose number will surely increase when too many value their own wealth and well-being above those less fortunate than they. Risk their wealth, comfort, and convenience to ensure the survival of countless others unlike them? Never.

Unfortunately, the solution offered is to reelect our current president, whom he describes as a “strong-minded, business-savvy, populist President, whose words and actions reflect the common sense attitudes and values of the people.”

Is he describing our current president, who, while doing business in New York, hired illegals with the help of the New York Mob so he could shortchange them by taking them to court knowing they could not appear? Who “suffered” so many bankruptcies no American bank would finance the man, so he went to the Europeans (hello, Putin) and blocks all access to his financial records or those of his family? Who never wrote a word of the “how to be a deal maker” books published as autobiographies? Who, while the letter-writer lauds him as the paragon of virtue who reflects the “values of the people,” cheated on all his wives, publicly slanders and demeans those he considers his "enemies,"and lies about everything all the time?

We have a critical election coming up. I trust the people will examine the choices and the needs of our country and cast a critical eye on the political rhetoric that prevails. Our survival as a Democratic Republic requires an honest moral leader, and our narcissistic, amoral, current president is not that.

Istar Holliday

Arroyo Grande

Restrictions at a draconian level

The Santa Maria Times on Friday reported that California has gone from a $21 billion reserve in February to a $54 billion deficit. This does not count lost county and city revenue. Unemployment for the same period has skyrocketed from 3.9% to 18%. Counties that want to open on a different timeline than the governor are being told no, being forced to comply like Orange County or being shamed by the governor.

This is not due to the leadership or lack thereof of the federal government. The federal government issued recommendations and guidelines. It is completely up to the states to implement or ignore those recommendations. Our governor has chosen to implement them at a draconian level with no regard for financial impacts, personal ruin or quality of life. He has consistently stated we will follow the science and data. But when local health officials say their county is good and ask for local authority, they are ignored by the governor. Quite obvious he has another agenda.

The governor referred to this as a “pandemic induced recession” a few weeks back. That may have been true for about the first four weeks, but now the damage is being caused by the governor as he was granted emergency powers during the pandemic. So we now have a government induced depression that the Legislature is saying can only be cured by more taxes.

So his legacy will be as the one who single handedly destroyed the fifth largest economy in the world, will have driven more businesses to other states and ensured children are academically behind their peers in other states in only three months. I hope he and his minions are proud.

Curt Warner

Santa Maria


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