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Letters to the Editor: Attendance counts; Voting Joe Biden for our future
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Letters to the Editor: Attendance counts; Voting Joe Biden for our future

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Attendance counts

Dawn Addis, candidate for 35th Assembly district, offers voters a strong new voice in Sacramento. Her list of endorsements includes residents from throughout the district and elected officials from throughout the state. Her teaching and administrative experience has prepared her well for working with colleagues and listening to her constituents.

Cunningham presents himself as a moderate who supports families. Yet look at his voting record. I accessed this information on which tracks legislators’ votes on all bills considered during the past year. From what I saw for Jordan Cunningham, the most striking statistic is he did not even show up to vote on 13 bills.

Cunningham claims he supports schools but he voted no on several bills that would have provided better funding for schools. Fortunately, he was in the minority.

Cunningham claims he supports the environment yet he voted no on several pieces of legislation to promote clean energy. Fortunately, once again, he was in the minority.

Cunningham does not seem equally responsive to all his constituents. I called his office regarding some legislation in support of retired teachers and again on legislation promoting women’s reproductive health. I had to leave messages. Mr. Cunningham might not have agreed with my positions but as a constituent, I think I deserved a call back. I never got one.

By electing Dawn Addis, the 35th district will join with the majority voice on the state level, bringing more attention to our local needs. Addis will make sure she will spend sufficient time in Sacramento to study, deliberate, and then vote on important legislation. She looks forward to creating legislation also. This takes time and it takes her presence in the legislative chambers. As all teachers know, attendance counts!

Mary Brooks


Voting Joe Biden for our future

I have been reading opinions on your editorial page in which pro-Trumpers have been writing diatribes complaining about criticisms from the media, liberals, leftists, and Democrats regarding the current White House administration policies (or lack there of).

I am a proud Democrat and I have noticed that much of the hate towards Trump comes from Republicans. The Lincoln Project that attacks Trump using his own words is founded by Republicans. MSNBC and CNN always have Republicans on their shows that criticize Trump mercilessly. Many of the hosts on both networks were Republicans but are not now because of Trump's rude, feckless, selfish, unhinged, uncaring, and seditious behavior.

Google, “Republicans against Trump”, and you will find an impressive list of prominent Republicans that have abandoned the party because of Trump and are now voting for Joe Biden.

You pro-Trumpers should stop worrying and complaining about the media, liberals, leftists, socialists, and Democrats and should worry about all the members of the Republican Party that are now attacking Trump and voting for Joe Biden. Also, you should be concerned that Trump is sick with coronavirus and refuses to quarantine. (Good luck with that.)

Your vilification of the Democratic Party will not change the disaster of the Trump administration and it will not stop the inevitable demise of Trump and all his ignorant enablers.

Vote Joe Biden, the fate of the United States requires it.

Nelson Sagisi

Santa Maria


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